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This was a very cute VN, thank you for making it. I enjoyed it a lot.

This was a nice little story. Admittedly, I don't have quite the same nostalgia for this aesthetic so it didn't hit me in the same way, but the vibes are nice and I liked the relationships and it made me think of my first attempts at creating fiction. It also made me think of the first freeware VNs that I downloaded, first the ones that I thought had pretty art (of course) and then the more random stuff. The unfinished demos that were never completed, the devs who'd make one game before seemingly vanishing forever, the authors who'd release multiple and improve over time. That sort of thing.

It was cozy, thank you for making. Also I find it funny how in a story like this with a younger protagonist, the 22-year old Saori is seen as a cool (if irresponsible) adult authority figure, while in a lot of your other stories with older protagonists she'd be viewed as barely starting her life and having little life experience. I especially thought of this since I read SMR previously which has a much older protagonist. Just goes to show how much a viewpoint character can change how the world is viewed, I suppose, like how you mention in the author's notes.

It's okay, I completely understand, and if someone else does struggle with it for similar reasons then maybe reading these comments will nudge them in the right direction.

Oh, and my favorite stories of yours I've read so far are Embraced By Autumn and My Dear Prince. Both of them had stuff that super appealed to me. Marcel and Aoi are two of my favorite characters of yours.

Thank you very much, I managed to figure out what the format you were looking for is. The issue ending up being a format issue since I would normally write that piece of info very differently from what you were looking for which caused me to insert that piece of info in just about every way I possibly could (involving both writing it out and using numbers) until I stumbled onto it. I feel very silly having taken so long to get it but at least now I have access.

Once again, thank you very much for making. By sheer coincidence I actually happened to play All The Words She Wrote shortly before this VN, so it was very fun seeing the references to it. Oh and now that I've read the author's notes... *Throws rose petals at your feet*

Excited to check out your remaining works that I haven't had the chance to dive into yet, I've recently been marathoning a lot of them. Some I've been very into, others not quite my cup of tea (though I know others would be more into), but I really appreciate the sheer variety in what you make. Best of luck with your future projects as well.

Thank you for the hint. This is actually something I did take note of and is one of the passwords I tried, but I must not be putting it in the right format since I keep getting error messages.

Just finished this and quite enjoyed the atmosphere, but uh. Even though I finished the VN, I can't figure out what the password is supposed to be for the present/author's notes. It's probably something obvious so I feel a bit silly asking for it directly, but if you can give some kind of hint, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you so much for making.

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Just finished this VN. While I don't have quite the same association with abandoned theme parks, I thought this VN had some very powerful vibes to the point that it still worked for me and was quite emotional, and while it might sound weird to say that it was "fulfilling", it was still a very fulfilling, messy (I mean that as a compliment) story in its own way. As always I really enjoyed reading the author's notes to see where the inspiration for the story came from. Thanks for making.

Really enjoyed reading through this a whole lot, Hibiki was a very funny and endearing narrator. I really like how you're able to adjust your writing style depending on the tone/setting of your VN, it's very impressive. Thank you for the cute gay disaster dorks.

Hello, I just finished reading through this VN. For the benefit of anyone reading this: No story spoilers in this comment, but I do talk about the author's note some and a few themes which could be considered light spoilers.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Otoboku listed as one of the two main inspirations in the author's note, since it's where my mind usually wanders to when I think about this type of setup (I also read the VN and could see the similarities in vibes). I'm unfamiliar with the Claudine series, but it was interesting to read about what you pulled from it as well.

I really enjoyed Embraced by Autumn a lot. Having read through some of your earlier VNs semi-recently, it was interesting to see how your style has changed and improved (and also generally appreciating the sheer variety of stories you take on). You do a great job setting the vibes, and this has been my first time in a long while just diving into a VN without knowing much about what to expect. I really enjoyed Marcel as a protagonist and the themes of identity (not even just limited to Marcel, now that I think about it).

The author's note has a mention of a hypothetical Noémie route. When first reading through the common route/prologue, I had no idea who the four love interests mentioned in the description were and wondered if Noémie was one or not (in hindsight I think paying more attention to the screenshots on this page would have clued me in, whoops). I did enjoy her role in the story, but if you ever do decide to return to the world of Embraced by Autumn, I would love to see what her route would be like. Of course, if you have any other ideas for the setting, I'd be interested in those too. I understand you have other projects so maybe you won't be able to return to it, which is perfectly understandable. I wish you the best of luck no matter what.

Thank you for this VN, and thank you to everyone who made it possible. I have put the shortcut to it next to Otoboku's on my desktop, because it only felt fitting to me to see them side by side.

For me things started changing once I selected every possible option in that chapter (So going to the park, as well as the wrong choices for the "..." sequence). After that, selecting Let's Hurry And Go unlocked new stuff. I hope that helps.