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I add an automatic ReSpawn on your holster now as soon the gun fall on the floor.

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Hi there, right now only PayPal is set up on Itch. 

But maybe we can find another way, can you send me message on my Facebook page please?

Ps I'm in process for Oculus Store

Multiplayer is DEFINITIVELY the next step... I will show you how quick I am 😉

Thank you for your feedback and support, always good to have both 👍.

PS: Joke aside, I might need to launch a KickStarter project (to achieve all I have in mind for Wanted) :)


I understand what you mean but trust me, it detects the position of your hand if you are not looking at the gun (I have done thousands of tests to avoid this very thing) Because I am totally like you, I don't need/want to look at my gun to grip it... It slows me down as you said. I recommend you try again on the training session and believe me, you will see :) it works.

Regarding point #2, I also tried but the top (circle) of the Quest controller mostly hits the other one which damages your Quest controller. So I recommend using the stick down, it really feels like putting the hammer down like in the movie.

By the way, did you read the tutorial in the menu? Because you have something called "GrabForce", when you click on your stick (L/R), a pull force will appear, then aim your weapon and press "Grab" it will come back to your hand immediately.

I hope this helps you

Translated with (free version)

👌👍 I hope you will enjoy!

Here it goes, you might be able to download it now without extra fees!! 

In a way, that my way to thank you because you got in a very early stage, and then thank you for the trust.


Thank you for your message, I think I understand what is happening. 

Did you buy the version "in developement" at 1.00 USD ? 

Because this one is the final version, better graphics, more opponents, a full shooting range, a different gun, etc. 

Therefore the price is 4.99 USD for this version. Does it make sense?

That said, could you please send me a private message with the email you used to buy the game, so I can find out more and see what I can do.

Thank you

Thank you!! On the next level you'll get shotgun and SWAT items ;)

Thanks for your feedBack!!! I hope you'll enjoy the Chapter 2

Nice Job

Sure, feedback are always good to get.

You can go on my facebook page if you want, this way we can communicate easier. I created a room "GtoG tchat" to talk directly to the gamers for feedbacks and ideas.

Anyway thanks for your time Patty.

I love this actresses.

Thx for the feedback, did you get all enemies without slowmotion? ;)