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hmm what is the code?

Amazing game! Keep it up!
I don't play games until the end, but this.... WOW that was fun!
In some parts I had to stop and think a bit  :P

Amazing Game 10/10!
Keep it up!

I finished the game, really cool! I could've played it for more than 30 minute

Amazing game!

Amazing game, KEEP IT UP!, I think it's the third time I play this game, but it's the only time that I fully beaten it
It took me around 1 hour to complete it (counting the afk time for about 10 - 30 minutes)

Pictures to prove it below

AMAZING GAME! Keep it up!
I love the twist you have added to the game, now you are the pipe that eats the birds XD

Oh :) That is good to hear! I Love this game!

This is amazing! Keep it up!

Just AWESOME! Keep it up!

No problem 🙂👍

Really cool game!

Keep it up!

That is a great game! Keep it up!

It's difficult to hit enemies with the spear in the start but when the spear starts to get bigger and Ugabuggasio start to go fast, that gets a lot easier!

I know it is a prototype, but I think you should attack the enemies when you left click with the mouse, and the spear would go far from the player:

Like this

Great game by the way!

You click in a square and select what tower you want, and in the upgrades button you can upgrade it :)

Really cool game! Keep it up!

I feel that I'm cheating, lol XD
Great game BTW! Keep It Up!

I felt like that too!

Simple game, but incredible! Keep it up!


Really cool game! Keep it up!
By the way
My Score was 86

Can you expand the game?

I loved the game! Keep it up

  • Middle click - AWESOME THING!

Really cool game! Keep it up! I LOVED IT!!

Just AMAZING! Keep it up! I loved it!

P.S. I can't stop playing it!

'cause i didn't click in tutorial, lol

By the way it took me some time to realize how the game works. ;)

Really cool game! Keep it up!
I love the Soundtrack!

Ok, thanks!


Really cool game! Keep it up!
It took me some seconds to learn how to play.

I can't play the game :(
I click play and it goes to a black screen with the menu music


How many hours took you to do this?

Now i'm tired :(


What is the name of the music?

I like the game! Keep it up!

I like the game