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It should be possible to create a physical 16KB Ultimax cartridge based on the CRT file, but that will require some extra hardware, of course. I haven't been able to verify that solutions like EasyFlash and Kung Fu Flash are actually compatible with the MAX Machine (or even some of the early C64 boards).

There's a discussion in the Lemon64 forum about an issue with EasyFlash 3 and some older boards, including the MAX. I don't know if similar issues apply to e.g. Versa64Cart and Kung Fu Flash.

I guess you would have to acquire the required physical cartridge hardware, extract the ROM (8192 bytes) from the CRT file (e.g. using the 'cartconv' tool from the VICE emulator), and then "burn" the ROM file using an EPROM programmer. Probably not worth the effort for such a simple game, though.

There's no difference, except that it loads and runs directly in C128 mode. (Someone asked for such a build of "Old Mine Hoist", so I decided to add it for two other games as well.)

You're welcome! As a little "bonus", I've also added native C128 builds of my previous Craptastic games "Wave Hero" (2018) and "Rainbow Edge Run" (2020). The latter will probably have some glitches in the rainbow when running on NTSC, though.

Sure! I had to re-arrange the memory layout slightly, but I've now added a download with a native C128 build. Please note that I don't have any Commodore 128 hardware to test this on myself, but it seems to work just fine in the VICE C128 emulator.

Thanks! There's no real physics (i.e. math) going on here, though. Just fairly simple code and lookup tables.

Thanks, Roy! I'm looking forward to finally get some time to play your "BrumBrum" game this weekend!