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POC - Pretty Good Concept

I like it! However, it appears this game will need a lot of work to progress. Smoother turn transitions, less harsh sound effects, better object selection radius and hover indication, and generally a better interface would do a lot! Thanks! I hope this helps!

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You can use the control settings with the initial popup for Unity! I'm not sure as to how to configure your current setup. That probably didn't help XD

Thank you so much! I love this! Often times the best of games are Open-Source - which is sad - as those who create the best of game are of course payed the least. Thanks again!

Based on wikipedia XD

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Hey! This looks like an awesome game! Just a quick question:

I've put together this extensive and possibly unnecessary directory of different game genres to sort games into and I'm trying to thing...what genre is this really? Alright, simulation - what kind?

Totally buying this!

Alright. Again, great program.

Just one question...

I love this idea, and the preview looks great, but how would this program be used? I have a few ideas, but I want to hear your thoughts. How can this program be useful?