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I have exactly the same problem with multi floor buildings. I made a feature request.

A shortcut to set the camera pivot point on the object you are looking at and rotating the camera to look to this object would be very neat! (Like in Unity pressing F in the scene view)

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I'm using Asset Forge to create bigger buildings. With the current camera controls it becomes very hard to have exact control over the camera. Because the pivot point is always on the ground, it is imposible to look in buildings with multiple floors and if you succeed in positioning the camera in the building, you can only look down. (because the pivot point of the camera is on the ground)

When I change the camera angle I want the camera to pivot around it's own location instead of pivoting around a point on the ground. (When you are editing high buildings and the pivot is on the ground the camera moves very fast.) And you can't look up when in a higher room, because the floor is always in the way.

When I select a block: When i scroll, I want to zoom in and out on the block I selected. When I have a block selected, When i change the camera angle with the right mouse button, I want the camera to still look at the object I have selected. (pivot around the selected object)

Conclusion: Let me change the camera pivot.

Thank you for trying out Kishin! :) I just added a new version wich includes the Y button as alternative jump button and X as alternative Channel button.