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I cant get past level 20

my high score was 035204

I guess this is heavily inspired from that 10-103 game

from what I understand is that someone died, lost all their organs and brain yet survived and has become death itself

"webgl not available" ):

and also the map should expand and more factories, more stuff needs to be added,

i mean that you should be able to use the belt as an alternative path to another factory, (example,) treecutter to treefarm and the treefarm also recieves dirt from the dirt digger (as an example I cant remember all the names of the factories)

belts doesnt work, you can only connect factories to one other thing making it super hard to do anything, putting the belt on the edge of the map facing a factory makes the game crash

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webgl not available?

im using chromebook

love it

it's just a black screen when you click play

(im playing on chromebook)