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Nice graphics and animation, good atmosphere, pretty challenging as well. Was not expecting this complete of a platformer for a 1 month jam. Good work!

Biggest gripe I have here is how much louder certain sounds are than others - like the game over/death one, which is just horrible.

There are a few other issues like situations you can't get out of without dying - like if you drop the flashlight to get the flare gun before the fire is lit - but it's all stuff that would be easily ironed out with a little extra time. 

I would definitely be interested in seeing this taken further. :)

Definitely a cool concept, I like how you can solve it either visually by examining the waveform or just by getting the correct color sequence. Could use some refinement (and bug fixes!) but it's a solid idea executed well. :)

Nice job with the music, too. (Trying to learn LMMS myself)

Versions 2_7_17 (both games) add toggles for enemy bullet animations and an option to darken the background - hopefully aiding visibility issues.

(thanks to Mommy'sBestGames for the suggestion/feedback)

Probably not; but the game I'm making next (a 'remake' of XYX, which was never finished) has a decent variety of ships to choose from - one of the new additions I'm planning is unique bomb types for each.

New content for FAX isn't out the question, though... I just need some distance from it first. Glad you enjoy it, btw. :)

Yeah it isn't, just didn't have any extra music to go there. -_-

I'm super indecisive about that kinda thing anyways. Like, should it be punchy and grab your attention immediately or be quiet/calm while the player peruses various options? (That sort of thing.)

Fire Arrow v2_2_17 now correctly saves key rebinds and also fixes an issue with the bind menu.