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This was a fantastic demo cant wait to see the full game

I really enjoyed playing cant wait to finish the game. Will be uploading a 2nd part soon!

Absolutely loved the game, would make a perfect kids game I had a great time as well

loved the game I just wish it l was longer! If the story was developed a bit more id play a longer version of this for sure! 


I believe there is a bug if you let too many points accumulate and then spend more than 3+ at a time the game crashes. Tried to load save and it the game wouldnt load back at this point.

Review of the game in its current state.

I got to day 5 and opened up one additonal island, I was having a great time up until the game crashed. I do feel like there is a lot to manage here not that its a bad thing. The robots were a fun touch to harvest things for you. I'm looking forward to the game once its polished.

The thing that I didnt realize is that we could harvest the ship until mid 2nd day when prompted that we needed the materials.

I think the skill tree could use some work, and i'm just trying to give some friendly criticism here. They are beneficial but none of them are really flashy and make me thing man id love to see what this tree does if that makes sense. I hope this helps, look forward to playing later versions of the game

Bleakshore makes up a majority of this video however it is the last game I played in this video. We were just intruiged and couldnt put the game down until we finished it. Very atmospheric we both enjoyed

2nd video in our playthrough here, had a lot of fun playing it. I enjoy this types of simulated experience

Had a blast playing with my wife its the first game in the video after the intro ^_^

My wife and I both really enjoyed the game here is a funny clip of the phone call

Loved the second night as much as the first, can't wait to see how the full game plays out. Looking forward to more!

Very much enjoyed the whole game! can't wait to play the full version and go through all the different possible outcomes! One of my favorite rpg demos in quite a while!

Cant wait to play night 2, played this like 6 months ago

Had a ton of fun with this game, got a little lost at one point finding the room with the water can. Great flow and loved that you used the animal crossing world for your fan game. Would love to see more, will keep up with your project! 

One of my favorites ive played recently, the siren alone scared the absolute crap out of me! I played your game first in this video would love seeing a full length game made like this VERY COOL

Really enjoyed the game, would love to play a full length game in the future! I played your game second in this video

I actually meant both lol. Just getting back into the swing of recording after a break, will let you know if and when I post more ^_^

This was my playthrough of the demo and will be playing the full version very soon! Absolutely loved every part of this game ^_^

really enjoyed this little demo. Didnt realize that you had an entire collection will be playing that soon

I really dug the whole vibe of the game and I'm interested to see how you develop it futher. It had a really subltle creepyness to it!

Recorded this video a while back but just got to uploading it, I play your game second in this video. Really loved the idea of the game and looking forward to possibly playing again! 

Really enjoyed it although a bit weird and didnt full understand it. Sould have liked it to be a bit longer ^_^ 

So the first time i played i never triggered the chase i redownloaded the game and everything went smooth this time. I found the game more terrifying the second time through im not sure why. Really like the PT like walkthrough vibes looking forward to more.

Didnt realise until i was close to finishing the first play session but this game is big and definitely worth your time. I love one off silly horror games but what you have here is special. Im seriously looking forward to bingeing the bunker once i have some time to dedicate to it!

REALLY enjoyed the experience, it felt well paced and the voice acting was pretty good. interested to see what you do in the future! 

I played your game briefy in my 3 random Baldis fan game video!

Oh lol my appologies lol! I'll definitely be playing it again soon ^_^

Absolutely fantastic game 10/10! I got all 4 endings the passive ending gave me the most trouble for some reason lol. I'm very exited to see what you do in the future! Everything about the game to me was spot on it had a nice story, it was interesting. I WANTED to find all the endings this is one of the few games that I found myself needing to find the answer. Again I loved it music/story/gameplay/mechanics it had it all great job

Was a little confused on if breaking the TV was an ending or not or if it was a bug. Would love to hear back from you. Really enjoyed it just wish it was long <3 Grynch 

I caught the clue i just didnt zoom in on the clock! Thanks for the tip I really appreciate it will play through again once you update the demo with additional puzzles

This was my second time playing through and i got a different ending! Your game starts at 4:44. This is one of my favorite concepts for a horror game in a while enjoyed it just as much the 2nd time

I really enjoyed playing the game but couldn't figure out how to trigger one of the events, I may try to reinstall and try again I really enjoyed the experience so far though keep up the great job! 

I played this game in my random 3 horror games video. Your game starts at 8:25. I really enjoyed this game I put my comments at the end of my video 

Really enjoyed the game, when i first started playing I honestly didnt feel it was that creepy but as the game progressed little things early in the game made the ending a lot more creepy I talk a bit about it at the end of the video. Looking forward to seeing more, thanks for making a great experience!

Very cool insights thanks for sharing!

I found this game really weird but interesting, my wife was grossed out and couldn't even watch like 2 minutes into the video lol. I read some of the other comments and everything is pretty self explanitory and I feel like you had a well designed game here! looking forward to more! 

Loved the game my only complaint was that it felt like it ended a bit abruptly. I know this was supposed to be semi meme-y but I thought i would just my 2 cents anyways and hopefully you find it useful in future games. Best of luck! 

Love the idea of the game and how everything played out. I'm definitely planning on giving it another few playthroughs in my next video and will give my final thoughts and critique there. Seriously loved it and my wife really enjoyed watching as well!

First of all I really liked this game and it had a really cool "creepy" factor. My only really negative/critique would be that I didn't feel like the answers I gave had any meaning after playing the game through again with the same results as the first one. I would have really enjoyed something with a bit of variation between each. That being said I think you have great potential as a developer! Keep at it and thanks for allowing us to play your creation!