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I recieved a key for this game from Indie boost and honestly didn't know what to think. After playing it for about an hour I can honestly say I love everything about it so far. It draws you in and you cant put the game down. I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic game you have!

Streamed this game over on twitch it was pretty fun/funny I really enjoyed the endings the first one I got I thought was part of the game and it wasn't over lol. I put it in my stream highlights. I'll probably stream it again sometime and try to get the other ending i'm thinking i may have missed one 

I really enjoyed the game, I might suggest a crouch option if possible, I was trying to sprint and couldn't but I actually liked the slow walk concept. I played it during my twitch stream and really enjoyed it, featured it in my twitch highlights video. My buddy directionally challenged asked me to play it. I can't wait to see where this game goes in the future, what are your plans to improve? 

Absolutely beautiful game, it nearly made me cry. I have a family of my own so this hit really close to home. I absolutely loved it! I really enjoy games that make you feel something and this was art! I can't wait to see what you do next. 

Loved your game, Its the first game I played in this video! I really enjoy the concept, after playing the game a friend pointed out that I missed something so i'll have to go check it out! Jumpscare montage at the end! 

Played your game second in this video, absolutely hated it but only because I'm a baby and it scared the hell out of me lol. Jumpscare montage at the end

i featured this game in my channel trailer its the first the first game clip 

Absolutely loved it! I got a little lost there at first but the game comes together in the most hilarious way! I cant wait to see what else you've done would love to play more of these silly quick games! My friend Directionally Challenged told me about this. Keep up the great work!

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Absolutely loved the game, I NEED MORE PLZ!

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Would love to see more of the game! Here's my gameplay and thoughts! 

Absolutely loved the game, I feel like this was a huge improvement over the first! I can't wait to see what you do in the near future! 

loved every little detail this episode reminded me of a cross between the twilight zone and stranger things! Cant wait to play episode 2 ill be playing it tonight cant wait to see the next short story! 

I thought about not uploading this video at all but i think you guys did a great job with making the player FEEL what its like to have some sort of anxiety simulating schizophrenia. I felt very uncomfortable but overall it was a great experience getting some insight to what others go through. Wish you all the best, looking forward to more.

Note: I wasn't able to figure out the code for the safe until i was actually editing the video. I feel like the pressure/anxiety the game put me through made it hard for me to think clearly, thanks again.

- Grynch

theres another game like this on itchio I believe i like the little puzzles i really enjoyed the laid back experience. I played it along with another short indie game if you want to check it out! 

Didnt really understand the references in the game but it did creep me out lol I played it here if you would like to check it out. I honestly didnt expect this to be a creepy game and I still dont know how I feel about it lol.

loved your game down to very last detail. I thought it has probably the most atmospheric 2d game I've played honestly. Excited to see the full release. I thought the pacing and complexity of the puzzles was nice. Cant wait to see what you add for the full release I'll be keeping and eye put!

I did play it if you would like to check it out heres a link. 

Loved the game, i really hope you guys decide to finish the game! The further i wen the more into the game I got. 

Really looking forward to seeing this! We finally beat dere.exe last night

Had a blast my wife played it after me and said "it was a hoot". Any other games in the works?

awesome! I'll follow you there

Do you have any other projects in the works?

First of all the game looks stunning and I loved every minute of it! I feel like I missed one of the puzzles I wish I would have spent more time looking around now that I think about it. This game gives me little big planet vibes and I only say that because of the relaxing atmosphere. Looking forward to more!

thoroughly enjoyed your game. The sound design alone was creeping me out! 

loved the game! It was short and definitely scared me I wasn't sure exactly what was going on but overall a great experience. If you watch it let me know if I missed anything I feel like I didnt complete it all. 

Enjoyed this game so much and I feel like the game just got better with each trip through looking forward to seeing more from you guys! 

loved your game! Will be finishing it soon, I want sure what to think the 2nd level definitely took me by surprise! 

I found my Soul banana! Absolutely loved this game great job guys!

Loved this game, I definitely plan on revisiting to try out all the different endings. It hit close to home with me, i really love these style games that make you actually feel something.

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absolutely loved the game! I still haven't finished it but here's my part 1 its about 20 min long.