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I'm making this a weekly chill series on my youtube channel I just got through the prologue but i'm realling enjoying it so far. Will write a bit further when I experience it to its fullest! I acutally happen to come by this by accident, I dont usually play many visual novels but OTL really caught my eye. 

Loved the game, I was actually at a loss for words when it ended it just felt a little sudden! I wanted more, really enjoyed it and look forward to your next one! 

Game was hilarious! I loved it!

I thought this was a great experience, ive enjoyed all your games ive played so far. I really enjoy games that make you feel something. This game made me a little emotional and really think about why sometimes you should take the time and be a better friend. 

Absolutely loved every moment of it as did my audiance! Can't wait to see whats in store for this game! 

Played through it and absolutely loved the first chapter! 

Happy to support!

nothing scary here just a normal stroll all by yourself..... 

Really enjoyed  playing it i didnt quite finish but i definitely will soon! 

Loved the game and the humor! Wish it was a bit longer but still loved every minute of it! Here is some of my gameplay if you would like to check it out!

Really enjoyed the experience although it did hurt my brain a little lol. I'm really interested in seeing a full length version of the game I feel like you all did a great job in just one week of development!

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Loved the game! I didn't quite do a full lets play in this video but I very much enjoyed the humor and just the general flow of the game. After playing it I read that the look and feel of the game has changed a lot as you rebuilt the demo. I'm really excited to see the full version of the game and i'm actually wanting to replay the game in a future stream. I grew up in the 90's and i felt very much in my atmosphere in this game. I grew up playing kings quest and quest for glory I just love the point and click genre and you put a nice spin on it.

I kind of got the experimental vibe honestly, my wife also really enjoyed it. It had a creepy atmosphere without there being a jumpscare, looking forward to seeing it!

I played this game first in my latest video I got jumpscared pretty good in my first attempt! This game was pretty easy and I wish it was longer because I really did enjoy it! 

This game was really interesting to me it almost reminded me of one of the sleep paralysis type stories. I played this game second on my latest video would love to see more from you! 

Loved the game had to play it through twice to get different endings, is there more? Id love to play it again :D I'm super excited to see what you guys make next!

recieved a key for this game from indie boost and quickly fell in love with it. Tight controls and loved the humour. Planning on doing a full play through on stream soon 

Really enjoyed the game but somehow I ended up at the menu before finishing the game? 

Couldn't put the game down once I started. I typically dont do videos longer than 10-15 min but I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to seeing more form you! 

Just got through playing it, seemed to be a loop at somepoint not sure if that was inentional but I ran into it a few times and stopped there. I loved the atmosphere looking forward to any updates later! 

I played this game for the most part of this video I believe it starts around the 2 min mark! Loved it, i'm not huge on horror games but it reminded me of death trips as far as humor goes! Thanks for making it really enjoyed it! 

I played this game for the first part of this video, I really sucked at this but it made for some funny moments lol 

finally got back to your game and the ending really creeped me out and had me wanting more honestly. Is she still alive? Is there something i didnt catch? Are you planning another sequel? I played it second in this video, it took me 2 more playthroughs to get it. 

i played this game first in this video! I really enjoyed it played through a few times i thought i cleaned everything up but it didnt seem to allow me to progress. 

Absolutely loved the game, here's a bit of gameplay! Looking forward tot he full release I think i'll probably stream it!

Loved the game! Do you plan on making more of these? 

I played about 45 minutes this morning and really enjoyed it, the story has a nice feel too it and I feel like the puzzles were really well balanced. I'm excited to see what awaits me in the near future. I haven't played this type of a game in a while it was a nice change of pace and the music was 10/10! I do have a few questions so i can update my information for possible new streams or videos. Do you have any social media outlets or links you would like me to include? What program did you use to make the game?

Thanks again, loved the game can't wait to play more!

Thank you so much for the quick response im definitely going to play this through a few more times i very much enjoyed it although it did scare me and make me feel a bit uneasy! Im also looking forward to your other games as well! Have a great evening!

i absolutely loved the game it did scare me it made me feel really uneasy. Im ppanning on playing through again to see what choices might change the game. 

Just played it today! Looking forward to sharing that experience as well ^_^

i was looking for more jumpscares lol i thought the game was hilarious great job. Wish it was a bit longer though! 

Absolutely loved every second of this game as did my friends who also played it! Looking forward to seeing your project hit full funding! I wanted to say that all the controls seemed really tight and the music was just absolutely amazing!

I recieved a key for this game from Indie boost and honestly didn't know what to think. After playing it for about an hour I can honestly say I love everything about it so far. It draws you in and you cant put the game down. I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic game you have!

I really enjoyed the game, I might suggest a crouch option if possible, I was trying to sprint and couldn't but I actually liked the slow walk concept. I played it during my twitch stream and really enjoyed it, featured it in my twitch highlights video. My buddy directionally challenged asked me to play it. I can't wait to see where this game goes in the future, what are your plans to improve? 

Absolutely beautiful game, it nearly made me cry. I have a family of my own so this hit really close to home. I absolutely loved it! I really enjoy games that make you feel something and this was art! I can't wait to see what you do next. 

Loved your game, Its the first game I played in this video! I really enjoy the concept, after playing the game a friend pointed out that I missed something so i'll have to go check it out! Jumpscare montage at the end! 

Played your game second in this video, absolutely hated it but only because I'm a baby and it scared the hell out of me lol. Jumpscare montage at the end

i featured this game in my channel trailer its the first the first game clip 

Absolutely loved it! I got a little lost there at first but the game comes together in the most hilarious way! I cant wait to see what else you've done would love to play more of these silly quick games! My friend Directionally Challenged told me about this. Keep up the great work!