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Loved the game! I got all the endings had a good time! 

cute game, had fun playing it. Went through a few times just to get some different dialogue! 

Very much enjoyed the game, would love to see this turned into something a bit longer!

We had so much fun playing ^_^ 

My wife and I loved your game and made a short video on it! Look forward to seeing other games you've made

Sad, cute and good! I loved it! 

Loved the game and followed you on twitter so i can keep up with other projects! Look forward to seeing more! 

I played this game last in this video the jumpscare got me really good lol. 

Enjoyed your game as short as it is I can always appreciate a good meme

truly terrifying lol, I loved my wifes reactions but this definitely gave me SCP vibes. Interested to check out your other work! 

Thanks for reaching out! I really liked the concept and could see what you were going for!

Excited to see the finished product! Feel free to reach out to me when you finish!

Had a great time playing lol! looking forward to seeing you in future game jams!

My wife and I REALLY liked the story and overall feel in your game! Can't wait to see more ^_^ 

I really enjoyed the story, wish it was a bit longer to be honest! Can't wait to see what you guys do in the future! 

I didn't make it far in the game lol, Im sure that there is an explanation for my deaths but I enjoyed what I played otherwise! 

The only puzzle that really got me was the cutting the rug one lol. Overall enjoyed the escape room type game!  Would love to have seen just a snippet of some sort of story or context though! I played it second in this video  ( i thought it was gonna be spoopy)

Really enjoyed the game, the jump scare got me pretty good lol! Good on you guys coming out with games while you're learning. I'm just now getting into unity development. Best of luck on future projects hit me up if you ever need something playtested or voice overs!

We had a great time playing hope to play the full release!

Had a great time playing with my wife and watcher her reactions! looking forward to playing your full game

Really enjoyed it, played with my wife 

Loved the game, I spend the last 30-45 seconds talking about what I thought. Overall it was very atmospheric and got me feeling creeped out for sure! great job on your first game!

Really enjoyed the game! can't wait to see the finished game ^_^ 

Really enjoyed the game, would love to see more! Definitely going to be checking out your other work if there is any! 

Really loved the game, just barely saw the monster at the end before the game ended lol. 

Game was a bit freaky but i liked it. You can watch at  33:35 

this made me uncomfortable lol  you can watch at 31:52

loved the game even though i absolutely suck at it. You can watch at 21:20

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recorded this forever ago,  video is timestamped you can watch at  9:15

really obscure but also very nice looking

This game was a ride holy crap lol. I pretty much share all my thoughts in this video!  

I really liked the game! Can't wait to play more! I made a video about it! Will be playing more soon!  

Really liked your game, actually had me a bit freaked out lol. If you ever make more games hit me up!  

Very cool game! I really loved the creepy atmosphere, and I cant wait to see the next chapter!

the chicken killed me lol.  literally, loved the concept of the game, easy to figure out yet still a bit freaky.

7:20 One Way Ticket Game

this game was too short! loved the music and atmosphere though ^_^ would love to play this as a full length horror platformer lol.your game is third here! 

5:14 The Terror Within The Mines