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Thanks for playing! It's fun seeing everyone find a different solution, some parts are too hard though :)

Thanks for playing! That is a great description haha. I needed somewhere to upload this project and wasn't expecting anyone to see it XD

Excellent game! My highscore is 382 - at that point my hand was getting sore. Great graphics and sounds which build a strong campfire atmosphere. I love the effects/feedback, they make destroying the creatures so much more satisfying when they explode and fling gold out everywhere.

Super fun game, awesome work!

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I love it! Very charming :]

Clever use of the GameMaker "badges", best use of the theme 20. Everything about the car was stupid and it's great. I love the graphics. Now I'm looking forward to turning 20.

Excellent work!

Nice game! I'm not very good, my record is 13. I like the music and sounds - good work!

Cool game! Somehow I only realised you could dash after completing the game. I love the visual style, it is a nice colour scheme. Great work!

Thanks! A fully animated character would be awesome :]

Excellent game! I love the music and graphics and the idea is super cool. Very fun, great work!

I love this game! You have to think pretty differently to complete some of the levels. The graphics are charming and there are lots of satisfying visual effects. Sadly it gets very hard (I couldn't beat the level after the explodey collectibles were introduced). Fun game, great work!

Wow that was tough... but I managed to complete it (with two hands though, one hand would be insanely difficult). Great graphics, fun game. Good work!

Amazing game! Super cool idea with great graphics, I love all the different unique rooms. Great work!

Great game! I love the sounds and music and the graphics are nice too. Such a cool idea. Good use of the 20 theme. Very fun game, excellent work!

Awesome game! My high score is 23. I love all the smooth transitions between menus and how the cube squishes each time it falls. Fun game, great work!

I absolutely love this game - half the time I have no idea what's going on and it's great. A unique idea having so many different interesting minigames going on at the same time. The theme is also fun. Excellent work!

Nice game! I like the graphics. My record is 19.561s but I'm not sure if it is even possible to get any faster. It took me a bit to realise that I couldn't go over the grey lines at the start. Fun little game, great work!

Yeah, it definitely needs a tutorial. I was hoping to make a tutorial and some more easier levels to give the player a chance to learn but ran out of time (for some reason you can't slow down time in real life). Thanks for playing!

Excellent game! I love the very pixel-y but still smooth graphics style

Excellent game! I played it with a gamepad and it was very smooth. The first 10 levels are easy while the last 10 are a lot more challenging and fun. It takes a while to get used to the 20x20 pixel display but it is done well. Great job!

Wow, awesome! They sound excellent. Checkpoints every 5 levels will be good, now that you have 4 music tracks you could have one for each 5 levels.

Haha yeah, I like being able to almost instantly try again. Thanks for taking the time to check out and play my game :]

Awesome game. Well made with good graphics and music. I love the idea that whatever you get your neighbors get 20 times more. It's actually quite hard, I could not achieve my goal after playing through multiple times. Great work!

I somehow managed to beat it. Great game, cool idea and well executed with a nice tutorial. Graphics, music and sounds are good too. Awesome work!

Wow... that took a really long time - but I've completed it! I got stuck on level 3, 7, 8, 10 and 16 for quite a bit. There probably should be checkpoints as it is annoying having to go through everything so many times (especially since a lot require you to just wait). Level 11 was pretty convincing. I liked level 14 spelling bee. The graphics are good and I like how the music has the ticking of a clock, although after the 1,000th try it is pretty annoying.
The ending is definitely the best part, nice cat.
Overall this was frustrating but good anyway, great work!

20/20 Vision community · Created a new topic Great game!

I've played through it and completed it. I love the music and the graphics and gameplay are good too. Near the end of each level it gets crazy with enemies everywhere. Awesome work, fun game.

Awesome game, I managed to survive with only 4 buildings left. You have to be very careful of bullets though because once you run out it's game over...
Simple but fun and pretty intense. The theme of 20 is definitely used