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Alexander 'Gruni' Grunert

A member registered May 02, 2016

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Great idea. Well done. The best kind of nostalgia, just when I needed it. Thank you!

I've got a ton of appointments because I haven't blocked this week - which I would have, had I known this in advance. A separate announcement video would've been helpful here.

Well, guess it's my bad for skipping a video on a topic I felt already comfortable in.  Thanks to both of you! :)

Maybe we'll get some sort of "quick reminder"-video for the next jams a day or two in advance. 

I just found out about this jam because someone in a facebook group was looking for a graphic artist for this jam. Why wasn't this announced / communicated via YouTube?

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I enjoyed it. The ship controls feel a bit "too clean" at the beginning,  but the more cluttered your screen is, the more thankful you are for it's precision. :D Highscore is 171 so far. Will definitely keep it to beat it some day.