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Windows 7 Bug: Esc Key stops working!
Press Shift + Esc will unlock, works in all affected games.

Hmm, i'm working on a strange bug. Sometimes after death and revive, ALL guns hurt the player (they move a little inwards).
But the Bombs are supposed to bounce back and stick to you.  So be a tool but also a risk.
Thank's for the info.

MurderMachine_a08  available
- L5 HighNoon: is now fully playable (still texture tweaks)
A tryout on a new trap and open/large room gameplay.

- L3: durian fruit
smell should not bosser a bot.
It's an EMP field now with nice electrobolts n all.

- Esc / F1
for in Level sound setup now saves the value.

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Esc = F1   same key
On some Windows the Esc key locks up after a certain load.
I get this in Blood, Strife, Dusk now in my game. It comes directly from Win not the games. I rigged F1 to just do the same.
Controller support is comming next week.

Well, maybe you are   :)
The game talks back to the player. I still have to see how to implement the story, via Textfiles or Audiologs.