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Grumpy Old Gamer

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Midjourney crap = no go for me.

Seems like numbers 1-25 are missing for First Name and Surname tables? The names are there (there are 4 columns) it's just that the first columns lack the d100  entries.

Nimble sounds like a good change to me.

Another thing - for human upbringing, #1, I'm guessing you meant to have them gain crafting, not agility.

For the base rogue skills, do you intend "Agility" instead of "Agile"? Having a skill and an ability so similarly named could be confusing.

Aw man, I really wanted to just settle down in the Cod Desert. Wasn't that this game's win condition? :D

No, disappointingly there are not. It really bothers me when large PDFs aren't bookmarked. This should be standard practice.

Looks nice! Love the aesthetic and the mechanics seem fun.

Minor quibble:

In chargen you have tables for die rolls like 2d20 and 3d10, but you have to understand that this does NOT result in even distributions. Tables like these are better suited to subtables where you roll a die to determine a subtable and another die to pick from that. For example, I'm not really sure if you intended repair tools or plastic containers to be rare, and all character names skewed towards the middle of the alphabet.

Aha, then the Berserker career needs a new ability, it still has Rage (and the base Barbarian comes with War Cry).

Nice! One thing I've found missing in this revision -- the Barbarian rage ability got lost along the way.

I can't wait to pull this out next time we need a quick and silly game.

Thank you. Cryptocoin folks need to be shut down wherever encountered.

Fantastic game, I'm really enjoying my readthrough so far. It wasn't clear to me how it was intended that damage boxes translate to health points for NPCs though, does the box number that would be checked for a PC = health points lost on an NPC?