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Thank you.  The orange ninja needs to be attacked twice per "round".  He will always dodge to the left.  If we do another version I will introduce an easier version of him first that moves backwards first and better shows that he's stunned after the first hit.

Thank you!  The orange ninja will always move to the left of the first attack.

Thank you!  We didn't have time to get any sound in, but we're considering continuing development!

Thanks for playing!  The double ninjas will always dodge your first hit but you can predict how they move and hit them again!

I tried to leap-of-faith my way down to the floating platform past the secret door near the final room, but missed twice.

Really nice level design. Player animations are really stiff. The windup before attacks and rolls feels too long.

My character stays locked on to dead enemies until they go away.

I found what seemed like a secret wall that flickered when I touched it. I could see something past but couldn't open it. hard to tell if any graphic glitches are real errors or just part of the theming.

Add a few more landmarks in some of the connecting halls and rooms. Hard to tell where a shortcut appears, sometimes.