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Great little game!  The game works flawlessly, but when I click on the "support this game" tab, and then try to pay by credit card all I get is a blank page.  Do I have some setting wrong?

Perhaps they are playing a light skinned main character.    Are you saying that someone isn't allowed to object to racism unless they select dark skin themselves?  That's an racist notion itself.

I didn't notice the racism, but now that it has been pointed out, I agree.   The strong, fierce, black barbarian is a really overused stereotype.  It would have been more original if the developer had given the bookworm his skin color, and vice versa.

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Same here.  I'm on a Mac.

Forgot to mention - if i quit and reload it it starts at the beginning again, then when I get to the pink screen part this time it skips to the next set of animals, but I miss all the dialogue in between.