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Wiggling Worm

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I really adore this concept!  I've been playing it non stop since I downloaded it.  I will say that I think a co-op feature would be fantastic for this game as I had a hard time getting used to controlling both the action and the tetriminoes.  The art and the music are great and I'm really excited to keep seeing this through future development!  

Great clone!  I love the art and the animations are fantastic.  Thank you for your efforts comrade!

Great atmosphere!  I love all the sounds of the game and once I got the hang of how it worked it was really fun to play!  I would really love to see more of this from you in the future!  

This game was too fun.  Great design, sound and art. 

Love the Aesthetics you have going on!  Will you be updating this title in the future?  The platforming is fine but I feel like I personally need to get used to the controls.  The lighting and art is so reminiscent of those industrial hellscapes from old school horror games.  Great job!

Fantastic follow up to the first game!  The updates the menu options were great and I felt they were needed.  The sound design in these games is really fantastic and I love the old school voices.  I'm excited for part 3. 

This game was such a treat!  As someone who really enjoys vintage games as well as horror I was positively blown away.  A friend recommended this game to me and after watching the trailer I knew I HAD to play it.  Well presented, well written and an excellent trip down memory lane.  I'm very excited to play the rest of your games!