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and so I did ^~^

I WILL DEFEAT YOU FOR I AM GROXAR THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT GAMER, you took the most out of the art and the feeling is awesome, the double jump secret technique is necessary to defeat the high score ahahha great entry

So we were gonna be able to fight with our strategies online I imagine, but fuck that! your pivot was so cool! you delivered the highest quality and tons of fun again, what an impressive record! the fucking cat got me when I was try harding xD

YOOOOOOOO a 3D game! and it's so fun! great work! the music is rad!

Pretty cool game :3 I like the atmosphere and the pixel art effects are pretty ^^

Full Screen support is great, why did you need my microphone? D: hahaha. I found the character charming, the hair animation was cool :3 great game!

Hi hirshi001! I optimized the game 1000%+! it should be a lot more playable now ^~^

Thank you very much hahaha "blushes a lot" >w<

My games tend to run well and with high FPS, this one in particular though, I'm aware has performance issues, even on my computer I had some low FPS, I'm working on low hanging fruit optimizations for this and my future games :)

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Nooooooo :c not even the splash? I can see the game normally on chrome, what browser did you use?

Yoooooooo this is so cool! love the birb btw haha

Thanks for playing! :D the tracks are from enjoy :D

Nice score! thanks for playing :3

you showed the god who's boss!

Despite my terrible bug? osom! thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing :3 sorry for the bugginess

I fixed it and added a new sound :3 thanks for your help

OH NO THANK YOU, you made me notice there was a big bug :_c I'm fixing it right now

I rekt my enemies with dual clubs in the back with lowest spd and jump, and with a trusty defending front tower >:D

I was so curious while watching videos about the gameplay, this is a masterpiece which I hope many will enjoy, there's a learning curve but nothing like dominating your opponent when you've mastered the art of launching the ball violently :3

It happened to me just past week! we must stop this reckless family stealing before it becomes part of the culture!

I leveled up patience early on in life :u

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HOWWWWWWWWWW OMG THIS IS SO COOOOOL, amazing job congratz and thank you very much I enjoyed it a lot <3

Hooraaaay! I won! very cool and entertaining, I liked the color palette :)

I beat your game! :D it was a relaxing experience, cool game :3

I enjoyed the game a lot! very polished look ^~^

The characters are funny hehehe :3

This is an amazing first game with libGDX! congratulations on publishing and the gameplay! :)

I am the mate bonder! Your water shader effect is waaay cooler than mine :P haha the movement felt smooth, the ambience was on point, amazing game :3

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I'm a pro! I completed your game!
You're a pro you made an awesome game!
Holy canoly this 3D stuff makes me dream about what's possible with libGDX thanks for the inspiration and hard work <3 <3

Edit: I picked the easter egg hehee

I am like this after playing your game:

^^ very tricky puzzles! I also loved the music choice :3 very cool game :D

How did I manage to crush my sub into the giant ship! XDD
Amazing 3D skills, the radar looks so cool, music is perfect, perfect game <3

woooooooooow it somehow felt retro! I loved the animations and effects, nice game :3

OMG I fed the kraken so much it's gonna die of tummy explosion bwahahahah >:D Lovely game thanks for the fun <3

I enjoyed your game <3 having to get stunned to rescue the eggs felt like sacrificing for the future babies very well done :D

Couldn't play it :c loads forever on web and throws a java error on windows (for me, must be my java version or something) someone make a gameplay video!

I wanna be biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig haha, I had fun thank you very much! <3

Oh man, you turned a classic into an even greater classic, quick! pickle jar your brain for future generations to enjoy! D: Sandra I will get you next time!

OMG this has to be the most professional looking game jam entry I've ever played, the gameplay is a classic I wonder why it isn't more mainstream like chess, anyways the game also felt great to play, congratz guys now go make millions at the big companies o7

Amazing atmosphere, the difficulty was perfect for me, thanks for making it I must learn from your style :3