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Daaaaaang so deep o.o

Is this supposed to be a bad game? it's fucking brilliant!!!

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OMG thank you so much :3 I loved it very much ^~^

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu can't play it because the screen doesn't show me the 1st level

YO thanks for making "Go Ahead" really cool song

Such a wonderful amazing cool masterpiece holy &#/$"% I wish I was you man loved it, had volume too high for the lurking horror xD but who cares great game omg

I'm so sorry. I'm so sad :'c


do you know of any cloning machine vendor that ships to south america? :c

I'M SO SO SORRRYYYY TnT Last week of a project on the job lined up with the jam :____C I'm trying my best to get it out ASAP :CCCC

YES! I actually had this error some time ago, documentation is outdated but right click the red tomato juice dots, check some boxes until it becomes yellow, add them to your pizza sauce and boom! problem solved :3

I downloaded it like a week ago and tried yesterday, thanks for fixing it :D

The windows executable opens a small white empty screen for me :c

I come from there :3

So original, so creative! Dang I envy you how much for your brain? D:<

Oh it'd be great if you stole it I'd be honoured! ^~^ lemme know if you ever do :3

I'll have to add a warning about opera since I wouldn't know how to fix it, thanks for letting me know! :3

Congratz! "so much flashing" tells me you maybe had negative chonky boosters at some point hehehe, thank you very much for playing! <3

Thank you very much! :3 could you beat the game? :o

Very funky! I loved the paint text on the menu :3 also I liked the interesting mechanic of movement/attack

ROFL this game is really cool! 3D wizards always impress me, thanks for making it yow!

Eye opening, sometimes I overcomplicate things and forget that a polished fun mechanic in the right environment can do the trick :3

I challenge you Elite Snipers of the world!
Congratulations on your first game!!! It's truly astonishing what you've accomplished in so little time! I wish my beginnings were so great xD Here's hoping for more of your games! ^~^

Your game is soooo prettyyyyyy, the controls are so smooth and somehow the chasers' movement let them go everywhere on the map o_O great game! <3

Brings back memories of another awesome game from my childhood, thanks for the flashback ^~^

Wonderful and funny ^~^ such a relaxing game! I thought small talk was gonna be OP haha :3

I challenged myself to get to the top without sprinting... xD And I almost got it! Sadly it wasn't a challenge I just didn't read the controls xDD but I almost got it!! Great game <3

My score is such, that it would make others feel sad, because it is too high? too low? who knows! thx for the chill experience :3

Very interesting, got to the end wishing for more :3

I could win it! Loved the atmosphere and music, adapting to be able to jump in 2 ways was interesting :3 great game <3

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I am perplexed! D: the quality of everything is so rofling high, I specially loved the character design <3 And the infinite tile field is a very interesting tech piece :o

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How you make libGDX do such cool stuff!? loved it <3 And the levels load instantaneusly, and the last fight was so hard! andfasdfwefiopj amazing experience

Unbelievable, the originality, creativity THE CONCEPT, THE EFFORT omg I fell in love with your game! <3 thanks for spawning it!!!

how are you so good guys? so much creativity, quality and fun D:

You're not the first report of the issue, will have it solved by the next update, sorry :C but if you wanna try bluestacks it should work as a dirty fix

I'm more of a "DERP" guy xD

I'm so happy you enjoyed it :3

YOU GENIUS OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for playing!
Try Parsec! :D if you wanna play with me just lemme know when you have it :3

lol RIP great job 0.o

Thank you ^~^