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Oh, wow. That is an interesting choice of name for rebranding.

Just to make sure, is this an offer to collaborate? If yes, feel free to dm me on twitter (@grouter_).

Game Developer? What do you mean? If you think people would be interested in this, I would love to.

Thank you!

I know the fisheye effect is quite noticable. However, I quite like it because it fit the overall theme (I wanted the player to know they are not in a real world basically). I am glad you liked the game!


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I actually did not write any pure wasm code. I wrote the whole game in c++ and then compiled it to wasm, as you would normally do.

However, I used wasm-4 library (as this is a wasm-4 game jam entry), which took care of drawing the framebuffer and playing sounds for me. Since the library is very simple, I did not have any problems doing stuff right away.

Yes, using c++ and wasm-4.

I am glad you liked the game! It is indeed demo-like since I am working on a bigger project (with similar weird geometry stuff), and I don't really have time to further polish this game. After all, this game was just an exploration of the bigger project from a different perspective.

Sadly, I also don't have time to write devlogs, so there isn't one. Sorry :(. Maybe someday I'll manage to write something, but no promises.

Yeah... My bad for not testing enough.