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Group Soliloquy (He/Him)

A member registered May 20, 2017

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Very cool game! Any chance for a singles version for easier print-and-play at home?

Love it! Would be fun if it randomly generated names regardless of the star formation. We all know constellations barely look like their names.

A little foggy on the rules. If I roll say 6,6,4 on my first turn. Can I build three farms? Or say two brewery, and a house?  I could also build a temple and activate a farm if this was a later term right?

Love it!

I'd love to see some melee weapons too. Blades and hilts and handholds in the middle

Thanks for going the extra step and making print friendly files! I made a copy for myself:

This is a perfect game for morning coffee time. Any plans to allow mods or user created tiles? 

Any possibility of making a blank item-condition-weapon sheet? I hate to print our redundant items when I only want some more blanks.  Super bonus if they were in some way form-fillable!

Same with Windows Security