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UNAD community · Created a new topic Game Comments

This section is from game comments. If you have interest in our game or disliked it post here. This topic is intended for just game-related comments. If you have problems with some bug please use the bug section

UNAD community · Created a new topic Bug Fix

In this section we want to address any message regarding bug fixing. Please if you have any issue with the game post here

Thank you again for testing our game. We will try to recreate your error in order to fix that and if we will find it we will release a new, more stable version. Hope you liked the game even if is still under development 

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Hi. Again, thanks for your help, the game is our first project and is still under development so there are some errors. I tried downloading the game for both windows and MacOS but I can't experience any unreferenced item error. The only things I can think of are a problem during the download of the game or maybe we were not clear about the fact that the power must be selected using the enter key. Can you please tell me which power were you trying to select when the error occurred?

Hi I’m Matteo one of the developers of the game. Thanks for the comment can you tell us in which level have you experienced the issue? We will fix it as soon as possible