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Groovey Grubworm

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Okay sounds good, I think all i will need to do is give credit for the song and share a link to the license in my description.

Here is a link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jaron451

Groovey Grubworm

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hello developers, I am going to make a game play video on youtube with your game.  Is any of the game music copyrighted and are any sound effects in it copyrighted? 


Groovey Grubworm

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Hi developers, I know it may not be possible but could you make a version of this game for the Samsung gear VR? I ask because not everyone can afford the more expensive VR setups and I am sure many people would love to play it including me on my youtube channel.  I would be happy to test it for you if you can make a compatible version :)

i figured out what was wrong, i downloaded the zip instead of the WIN folder.

I'm using the itch app to launch it and it goes straight into a window. maybe the itch app is doing something weird.

same thing happens to me on my pc, is there a way to make it full screen?