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Loved this! All your games are fantastic. Great work!

I enjoyed it! I appreciate how short it is, but at the same time I definitely wanted more - so I most likely will be playing part two. Great work!

I had a lot of fun playing this! I enjoyed the gameplay and the dialogue. Great work!

Great game! Really enjoyed the cute, short storyline and making the tea. Just fun all over.

Very cute, really enjoyed it!

What a delightful game. I really enjoyed it! It was a fantastic mix of simplicity and thoughtfulness. Great job! Thank you for sharing!

I am actually blown away by this. I haven't played a PPT game before. The fact that you were able to do all of this in powerpoint, have it play as it did, along with music, good graphics, and a twist for an ending was awesome. Fantastic job.

Looks awesome! Looking forward to it

What an unexpected ending, the comment about the drawing behind the vending machine was so great when it all connected. Fantastic game you have here, thanks for sharing lol