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Just a shame you couldn't get young characters, but I understand the legality of certain countries being a bit off, since there are plenty of those kinds of games available on dlsite, but most are only in Japanese which is a pain if you don't speak the language. Regardless, I certainly had fun with it :)

I love this game, though I also found it quite hilarious that I ended up geting arrested. Guess I'm too used to certain hentai RPGs.

The only way around this I've found is to exit the game, reload it and then load it up from the save file it made. That brings all the visuals back, however the kink appears to be broken as a few issues.

1. The girl turns bald.

2. There are no bars so I have no idea if I'm doing well or completely fucking up.

Hi there, thanks for the reply!

I kind of regret I didn't put more effort into it like I'm doing with my current project or block breaker, but I'm glad some people are enjoying it :)

I absolutely LOVE what you've done here! I'm still on Laser Defender (IRL stuff getting in way) and I'm at the begining, but I came up with a great idea to enhance it and make it worth people donating...not sure how to make that donation button as I've forgotten, but when I upload it I want to make sure it's done good enough quality that I'm happy to make money off it. Also, love how you designed the page. My pages look quite crap...

Thanks for the reply Donni and I currently bought a bunch of things from Kenny's birthday sale (Kenny Studio, Kenny Game Assets, Kenny Game Assets 2 and Kenny Isometric Assets) since at the moment I'm still learning to do my own art at a later date and I'm currently still learning in a game developer course so I'm a long ways off before I make my first commercial project for the moment :)

Eitherway, I'll be sure to by the Asset Forge when it becomes available and then advance to Blender when I feel more confident.

this might sound like a stupid question, but can you build isometric tiles/sprites? I ask because I also bought the isometric tiles set. I have a plan to use them for a future game idea.