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I beat it with just Shana and Revolver. I feel powerful.

I have played this game so many times it is soooo good

This is such a good game! This would have also fit the "Out Of Control" theme, because goddamn is this chaotic in a good way. It is so dificult to control the cars but that makes it all the more fun! Really impressed with this one!

I think the game and the gameplay concept is really cool! The level design doesn't always work for the gameplay, or the gameplay is a bit too clunky with the transformations, but other then that this really has some potential for a fun game!

This is a really solid game!

Really well done!

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Oh yeah, forgot to post my personal best for the first level here:

Smol Ame speedrun Any% (First Level) [00.16.442] - YouTube

This reminds me of flash games I played back then and that is a good thing. I love this!

Oh I love this game

Such an addictive game. There is a good balance between random luck and skill.  There no real feedback I can give to this game, it is just really good!

Oh man, I love this game. I love the presentation, I love the idea, I love the excecution, the physics and hitboxes of the 2D game are really questionable but other then that this game is something special. Hopefully people will notice this gem!

The boxes game is pretty overused game mechanic but I like the spin you put on it with a limited moveset! And I also love how you presented how many moves you have left. The progression was really good with reguraly introducing new mechanics and building on those mechanics and overal it was just a fun game.

I have got a few feedback points:

- The difficulty ramps up way too fast. Suddenly tens of robots head towards my base and not even two towers on each side are able to stop them. I have to contantly build new towers that can't keep up with the enemies and thus my castle goes down after two minutes each time I have played this game.

- The camera is not good. It constantly moves around which disorients me. I have to constantly adjust my aim because I moved on milimeter to the side and the scenery is in the way of enemies and me which makes avoiding projectiles harder then it needs to be.

- I encountered glitch that when I put the game up in fullscreen everything is fine but when I shrink down the size of the game screen all the text dissapears. (I played this game on browser)

Other then that, this game was kinda fun. I especially love the primitive artstyle you took, it is charming!

What a cute game. Short and sweet.

Still got a some feedback:

- Somebody already mentioned, but yeah the music repetitive and gets annoying after a while. Silence would have been better.

- I can see why you wanted mana for the fireballs since you don't want players to spam them to victory, but I don't really see the point in requiring double jumps mana too.

- The physics were a bit wonky. In the monster level stage I think walking on the spikes was a joke, but I don't think going under a platform and teleporting to the other side of the platform was intentional. Also when the level switches physics my character flies all over the place.

- Maybe it is just my keyboard, but the double jump felt a bit irresponsive. Sometimes I jumped and double jumped at the same time.

I really did enjoy the game and I hope you can take these feedback points to heart!

This is a pretty mindless game that doesn't require much thought but lots of trial and error. While not exactly my cup of tea, I can't deny the uniqueness of this game and the neat presentation.

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Wow, this is such a fun concept! It was really short but I enjoyed my time with it.

A few words of feedback:

1. Maybe keep up the normal game facade a bit longer before you introduce the completely new style. 

2. The shooting part was kinda disorienting to move around since every few second you are on an other side of the cube

3. Half the time I couldn't see where the enemies were so I had to shoot at nothing hoping my bullets were hitting the guys. If you had more time to expand on this game adding indicators of where the enemies are would have been really useful.

Other then that, great job!