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I love the idea behind the game :)

thanks for the feedback. Making the box placement juicy was my first and most important objective ;) but I agree about the box spamming and once the jam is over I'll fix it.

yeah those are things that I didn't have the time to fix before the jam ended unfortunately. Thanks for the feedback though!

Concept is nice, but maybe make the player move faster 

Loved  the idea, though i t would be nice to have an end screen  to a level

 Thanks for  the feedback,   the goal was  to survive as long as possible. I know  that  the golem is buggy, and It was one of  the things that I wasn't' t able  to finish in time unfortunately

 Thanks ! Art is what I specialize in.


I like that idea but I was thinking of doing what I said in the other comment. Thanks for the feedback though :)

that was pretty fun. I liked the art style a lot and by the end I wanted more levels.

pretty fun

thanks man!


I don't get how you win, but the game was fun, would love to see a tutorial!

Love the concept, but it would be nice if the player also had to do a jumping puzzle, but maybe the 3 days was too short for that.

The game is beautiful but doesn't fit the theme really well, still I'm exited for what you can do in the future with his game.

I was thinking more enemies and power ups... maybe some biomes

I started working on a mechanic where the crates would despawn after 5 sec, but as with much else in this game, I was not able to finish it in time.  Thanks for the feedback, though!

I loved the environment

wow! this is so underrated. As a gamedev myself, I can't imagine the work that has gone into this. Good work!

Loved using this for prototyping!

I love the style!

No, thank you!

Hey I just added a license. I forgot to lmao. I'm glad you think it looks cool I'm planning on adding more things and maybe a YouTube tutorial.

I love the amount of detail put into this gam. it's the little things like that camera shake when you can't build an object that make this game so satisfing and great

this has potential if you make it a mobile game.  It is sort of addictive. The only problem for me is the game seems complicated in so aspects such as the prestige system. you should explain that better. appart from that its pretty fun game