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when do you think the next update will be?

So you can edit the saves? Without bugging it?

not for me

Any kind of guess into how much longer it will be until release?

How much longer do you think until release?

I understand. I helped some friends make a video game a long time ago and although not a management position(I did translation, Japanese/french to English but not anymore tho) I understand the pressure completely. Sorry about asking so much, but i'm just eager to see this done. 

PS: Will there be a steam release?

How soon do you think until full release? Another post said it would be early 2020, so how early? Like this month? 3 months? 5?

What's the sitch?

any kind of eta?

Chapter 3 when?

I think the fans will eat you alive if something doesn't happen soon. LOL. (Read comment below this)

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Is there a loosely foreseeable release date? Please and thank you!

Do you really think they are going to answer you with an attitude like that? It'll come when it comes.

So how has things been for you? Haven't checked back in about a month now because of IRL problems. How close do you think this is to full release?

I think its pretty good. Let me know what ya think after reading it.

Monster Club is a novel near completion on deviantart.

This VN is a DLC story of sorts.

Whenever you do get a chance to play. Let me know what you think. Just curious.

I know it must be irritating to hear this and I am sorry but, is there any foreseeable full release date? 

PS: Have you played Neko-nin Exheart series or KARAKARA visual novels at all? If not then I highly recommend them. Waiting on #3 of each series along with Quest failed Chapter 2.

Thanks. I was just a bit concerned. But any kind of ETA on release date? No need to be exact but like this year, or within a few months, etc.

I haven't seen anything new in a while. Is everything alright?

Any News?

I understand. Take as long as you need to make this good. Looking forward to the release!

I know you must be asked this all the time but the wait is killing me. Is there any sort of ETA on the release?