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Too bad, I jumped into the somewhat lava pool behind the casino, inside the car level, from the roof, and couldn’t get out…

Great game anyway ! Or great piece of art should I say

In fact, it was a disguised feedback too :-P

There’s a typo in the game in the word vulnerable describing XKCD’s password.

XKCD’s password seems vulerable :-P

By the way, played in FireFox ’cause it wouldn’t load into chrome…

Liked the way you can freely rotate the view.

Lacks an undo button ! Always put an undo button in puzzles where you can mess things up. Outrageous to have to start all over again because just before getting the last item I double pushed a key and make fall a cube ...

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I kiiled Sven, don't know if that's the only issue, and don't want to retry as I already reran the game after trying to take a nap when Sven gave me the chance. That's probably why I killed him, because he killed me in another time.

The 2x2x2 room was quite tedious but really cool.

I don't know if there's a clue for the 3 switches or if one should brute force it, I found it randomly.

I wished I knew which door was to be opened by the next key.

I liked it !

Ah, and the music stoped, that's cheap, you could have looped it.