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Weird! Were you able to open it a different way? I'll upload a downloadable version right now, you can test that out.

This is sooooooo adorable!! I haven't played it yet but I already love it!

Congratulations on winning first place in the Puny Jam! This game may be your best yet, despite having no graphics! The story, characters, and locations were so believable, that I can almost believe it DID have graphics - I can see everything so clearly in my mind. Your puzzles were incredibly fun to solve, and ranged from easy to very difficult, so there was constant reward and challenge.  I'm honored to have served as one of your playtesters and am looking forward to playtesting for you again :)

Congratulations on tying for first place (basically, hehe) in the Puny Jam! This game was so fun to play, so cleverly written, and so creative. I really enjoyed the funny responses to commands, and the characters that were full of character. I'm looking forward to playing your next game!

Where can I find the background graphics featured in the cover image?

This game is incredible. I haven't finished it yet, but the worldbuilding, character-building, and humor are all phenomenal. The responses to random things like "x self" are well thought-out and delightful.

There are a few typos -
- accomodation should be accommodation
- carniverous should be carnivorous
- accoustically should be acoustically
- "if no, then get back in that bottle..." should be "if not"
- eigth should be eighth
- "This will by so much food" should be "buy"

Ha! I think I can take that bug and run with it...!

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you so much!

Me encantan los gráficos y los colores de las fuentes. La historia es muy divertida e interesante, especialmente cuando exploras la ciudad por primera vez. Me encantaba lo misterioso que se sentía todo. Me dieron ganas de seguir jugando y resolver los misterios. ¡Gran juego!

Thank you for playing it! 

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Good to know, thank you :) The specimens are supposed to be dropped in the collection box. 

Edit: oops, I responded before I saw your other comments! But I will be fixing this :)

Thank you Dee! Good catch on the millennia spelling, not even Garry caught that 😁

Thank you! 🙂

Just let me know when I should recompile Chris :)

Thanks for the heads up! I just added a downloadable version to Sentient Beings... Could you test it out and see if it works in Firefox that way? If not, Chrome or Microsoft Edge will work great for playing the games.

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Very helpful feedback, thank you!! Totally didn't think about not being able to see the area numbers after securing the robot 🤦‍♀️😁 Will fix these things tonight 😊
Edit: Fixed... Thank you again, and I'm so glad you enjoyed playing it!

I made a game featuring your robot as the main character! Thank you so much for this asset!

Maaot, I finished my game using your beautiful assets! Thank you so much for your amazing work! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you post next.

So relatable

Great job and congratulations on winning the Mini-Gamebook Jam!

Card 35 😂

Yours is my favorite. If it wins I'd be happy to make some artwork for it :) 

Cute! Love the music and the graphics. Good job!

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Can't wait for you to see the game I make with your assets! Thank you so much! Keep up the good work, I love your style.