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Man, the nostalgia in this remake is off the charts! Great game 5to55! Only issue I really noticed is sometimes your cans deflect off Lebron when they hit him and he keeps pushing forward. Other than that loved the game!!

Loved the concept! So simplistic at it's core and so easy to just pick up and play, but so complex under the hood. Great story and twist at the end as well! Can't wait to see what you come up with next Doppler!

Loved the pacing of the game. The killer and the chainsaw sounds were horrifying too lol.. Great game Third Eye Games! Excited for what you do next!

Sweet dreams is a dope game! So many things to keep track of and its great! I'm terrified of what the later nights will bring! Great work howwolf!!

Oh man it was awesome! The best ones are the unexpected ones haha

That "thing" in the settings. You're so wrong for that differentpixels LOL. Something in the woods was so fun to play! Super atmospheric from start to finish! Great game! I can't wait to see what you do next!

This was a great SCP experience. Loved the atmosphere and the style of the game. Pacing was great! SCP-096 was terrifying! Great game Dizzy! Can't wait to see what you do next!

Really enjoyed the Christmas touch to this story! Visuals in this game were top notch! I could tell you put a lot of love and care into the look. Can't wait to see what happens next in Delilah's story!!

This is why you never drink a grimace shake! Great story and loved Grimace's Basement! He was terrifying once we got into the basement. I can't wait to see what you do next double-vision!!

A top tier grimace game! I had a blast playing this one. Loved the progression from the apartment to the fight with grimace. I hope we get to see more of these triple dev!

Love the gameplay and story, as well as the cutscenes. Loved the creative endings as well. Great job rightardev! Looking forward to what you do next!

Peter's House was really well done! Really enjoyed the overall ambiance and the pacing. Some nice spooks in here as well. Great work gzke!

For your first game, this was amazing Adam! You captured the essence of how psycho Squidward can be. Really looking forward to what you end up creating next!

Once meatly starts to chase you, its terrifying! Loved the creepy atmosphere and the storage unit concept in general. Great work club meatly!

The killer in the game looks so scary! Great pacing and visuals in the game as well! That chase scene was horrifying! Great work hossa-and-hazem!

One of my favorite christmas horror games I've got the chance to play on the surface! Really hope you get a chance to expand on it! The atmosphere was great and Santa was terrifying! Great work Lunar Effect!

You're welcome. I can't wait to see what you end up doing in the future! I'll be keeping an eye out for sure. 

Had a blast playing the hotel killer. The killer looked both horrifying and hilarious at the same time. Great scares overall. Outside of the hotel was my favorite part visually! Definitely want to see a part 2 taking place outside of the hotel! Great work narrowgame!

One of the most unique horror games I've had the opportunity to play. Love the concept. A huge fan of your entire catalog as well. Can't wait to see what you have in store next for us!

Been a huge fan since the Smiling Man! Really enjoyed death tapes! The killer was horrifying! That jumpscare was so unexpected! Great work Noxus! Excited for what you do next!

One of the creepiest monsters I've had the pleasure of encountering in a horror game. Great stuff Gloopa Games. I'll never look at McDong's the same again!

One of my favorite characters from my childhood. Great work AlexCraig!! I'm so vested to see what comes of this demo! I hope we find out what to do with the DVD!

Kermito was both hilarious and horrifying. Who knew Kermit had a creepy brother! Great game hossa and hazem!

One of the better spongebob horror games I've got to play. Squidward is a maniac! Great work tasty-ink!

Super deep story! You really get to see why Primary Color Man is as sinister as he is! I really hope you end up continuing the project. The demo was amazing!

Melissa was a roller coaster! Went from thinking she was corny, to falling in love, being scared for my life, to falling in love again, then helping her with her diabolical plan. Great job dev! This was a blast!

One of the coldest jump scares I've ever experienced in a game. Extremely fun to play and some great spooks in this one! Great stuff Lixian! Waiting on your next horror game!

This was wild! The chicken killer def making me think of going vegan. The monk character was hilarious! Great work 616!

Had a blast playing Primary Color Man! He moves so fast! I can't wait to look into the lore behind the character! Great work apish-box-games!

Such a dope concept for a game! Amanda is insane!! Had a great time playing Amanda the Adventurer! I can't wait to see what else you do with the game and concept! Will for sure be keeping an eye out for any updates. Great work jpgamedesign!

Had a blast playing A Mirage of Home! Such a unique take on the horror genre with the selfie cam. The story line was great as well. Really excited for what you do next morritorgames!

Easily the best Slenderman game that I've got to play! The game is so polished and the story is well told! Great timing on the scares and great atmosphere as well! So excited to see where this story goes lsgamedev! Great game!

Such a unique mechanic with vision being controlled through the Teddy! Really like this concept patetfisk! The puzzle elements were great as well as the character design on the kidnapper! Really hoping this gets expanded into a full game!

Had a blast playing Pig Grinder! Great story told throughout the game and some creepy looking mannequins! The character design on Pig Man was pretty dope as well. Great game kirillvp!

I had no idea that picking up trash could be so much fun. Cleaning Redville is one of the gems of horror games so far in 2022. Great job with this one dopplerghost!

Whoever your writer was for assessment examination was AMAZING! I got chills several times from the dialogue and passages. The game overall had a creepy undertone to it. Loved it! So excited to see what you have in store on March 8th! Great stuff wenderlygames!

One of the scariest games I've played. The ghost was truly horrifying, especially as you collected more artifacts. Enjoyed the lore in the game and the story as well. Great work dapperpigproductions! I can't wait to see what you end up doing next!

One of the more unique horror games I've had the chance to play. The ending was super unexpected! I'm excited for what Chapter 2 brings! Great work piratechipgames!