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Had a blast playing Primary Color Man! He moves so fast! I can't wait to look into the lore behind the character! Great work apish-box-games!

Such a dope concept for a game! Amanda is insane!! Had a great time playing Amanda the Adventurer! I can't wait to see what else you do with the game and concept! Will for sure be keeping an eye out for any updates. Great work jpgamedesign!

Had a blast playing A Mirage of Home! Such a unique take on the horror genre with the selfie cam. The story line was great as well. Really excited for what you do next morritorgames!

Easily the best Slenderman game that I've got to play! The game is so polished and the story is well told! Great timing on the scares and great atmosphere as well! So excited to see where this story goes lsgamedev! Great game!

You outdid yourself with this one Max! Man, the scares in They Are Here were something else lol. Nicely done! Looking forward to the full game!

Such a unique mechanic with vision being controlled through the Teddy! Really like this concept patetfisk! The puzzle elements were great as well as the character design on the kidnapper! Really hoping this gets expanded into a full game!

Had a blast playing Pig Grinder! Great story told throughout the game and some creepy looking mannequins! The character design on Pig Man was pretty dope as well. Great game kirillvp!

I had no idea that picking up trash could be so much fun. Cleaning Redville is one of the gems of horror games so far in 2022. Great job with this one dopplerghost!

Whoever your writer was for assessment examination was AMAZING! I got chills several times from the dialogue and passages. The game overall had a creepy undertone to it. Loved it! So excited to see what you have in store on March 8th! Great stuff wenderlygames!

One of the scariest games I've played. The ghost was truly horrifying, especially as you collected more artifacts. Enjoyed the lore in the game and the story as well. Great work dapperpigproductions! I can't wait to see what you end up doing next!

One of the more unique horror games I've had the chance to play. The ending was super unexpected! I'm excited for what Chapter 2 brings! Great work piratechipgames!

Some great building blocks here! The house was really creepy, especially as the mystery started to unravel. Excited for what you do with the game going forward raidgames-studios!!

A legit horrifying experience! Amazing work wertstudios! So much depth and polish in the game! Especially for just a 2 day project. A perfect assortment of jumpscares, subtle scares, and scary atmosphere! Really looking forward to what you do next!

The smiling man is so creepy! Great pacing to the game and really did the creepypasta justice! Amazing work noxusgamesstudio!

Some really good scares in this one. The apparition outside of the door was horrifying! And of course the roaches! Overall was legitimately horrifying! Found an issue with WASD, which I think people have already mentioned. But outside of that, great work sahl-ibrahimi! Looking forward to what you do next!

I almost lost it when the lights went off! Really enjoyed the game and the story it told. Some terrifying moments with the desk clerk as well. Great job with this one nihilanths-games!

Probably one of the best Halloween fan games I've ever played. This was horrifying and a blast to play! Great job damiangonzalez!

This was definitely a gem to start off the new year. Really enjoyed the building of fear as the days progressed, as well as the story being told. I was scared to wake up every day knowing they were getting closer. Didn't expect the ending at all. Great job dpstudios!

Mad Max! In no way is this a failed project my man. From the title screen on, it was a blast (and completely horrifying) to play. Really enjoying seeing your progression as a game developer, as it's been a dream of mine as well since college. Keep up the great work man!

This game was horrifying in the best of ways! You used all of the low poly schematics to your advance in Descent! Surprisingly horrifying and a blast to play! Great job jpbash!!

You're a legend Dave! Had a blast playing and will def be playing more of it soon. Easily one of my favorite nostalgic games of the year!

Easily the best point and click and browser based game I've played! Sound design was off the charts! The story was amazing as well. Puzzle elements that make you analyze your surroundings. Overall great work Jedb!

Had a blast playing Sleepless Kevin HermitsWorlds!! Had the perfect combination of scares and atmospheric unsettling. Also, really enjoyed the ending! Was really unexpected! Looking forward to more of your games!

Such a unique take on the CCTV genre. It was tough at first getting the strategies down, but I managed to complete the first two nights. I will be coming back to this one in the future! Great work Keith!!

Oh the nostalgia! Had a blast playing Highscore killer back in 2020 and this did it justice. I still prefer the original over this one, but this definitely adds to the lore that is the Highscore Killer realm. Looking forward to what you do next Ju5t1nj!

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I haven't played a horror game quite like Maple County before. It was deep and immersive. It's hard to believe it was so short! Really looking forward to an extended version! Great work thornebaker!

Short and to the point! My goodness. The atmosphere in Goodnight was great. Loved the pace and eerie feeling throughout the game. My only gripe is that I wish it was longer. Great job Kenethdev!

I highly recommend Overtime! What, at a glance looked like a normal "working" themed horror game turned out to be a game filled with scares, mystery, twists, and turns. Also, the wittiness of the dialogue was amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed this game Turnip!!!

Oh the nostaglia!! Nothing like playing an indie horror game with classic horror characters. I think you really did Chucky justice in this one. The only critique I would have is to give the player the next objective like in the opening scene, but other than that, amazing job Darkaorv!!! We gotta get a part 2!

6 Bodies was a blast! The character design on the killer was amazing. Was a nice challenge navigating away from the killer as well. I can't wait for the next parts Hermits Worlds!

Had a blast playing Moe's Body Shop! The guy in overalls is terrifying when he pops up around the corners with those sounds haha. Love the ambiance as well. Definitely worth a download if you have the 15 minutes to play it! I look forward to your other titles!

Most definitely one of the better Spongebob horror games that I've played. Tons of fun! My only recommendation would to be to add a counter for how many crabby patties you've collected. Amazing work triple dev!

The Hospital was SO scary. I really enjoyed the deep story and the scares were on point and perfectly timed. Really loved the sound design in the game as well and can tell that you put a ton of work into it. I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to play it. My only gripe was the excess of text. The story was great, but I felt like the amount of text could have been decreased for a horror game with jumpscares such as this one and still got the richness of the story across. Just a personal opinion though. All in all, I had a blast with this game and one of the most fun ones I've played in a while. Great job Crux! 

Such a unique take on pixelated horror. I really enjoyed playing attack of the murder hornets. I can't wait to see what you do next torpledook!

Had a blast playing the saloon MegaByte! The glowing eyes were so creepy! Really enjoyed the atmosphere and the feel of the game. It took me forever to get out of the spinning room lol. Thanks for making the game! I look forward to your other titles!

Korpus, Janitor Bleeds was AMAZING! Loved literally everything about this game. The atmosphere was set perfectly, suspense built flawlessly and perfectly timed scares. Loved the story and unique concepts as well. I'm so hype for the full game. Easily one of the best demos I've played in 2021. Great job Korpus!!

Really enjoyed consent. I can see all kinds of ways to build on it once the player leaves from the law firm. Great concept and great game Paul! Loved the story as well!

Deliverance was a blast to play. I loved the challenge of the alternating steps with Q and E, and also making you fall if you didn't use a good pace and rhythm. It made for a good challenge. The sounds of the monster were terrifying and really made you have to focus on getting away. Fun experience hitormiss, this was a hit for sure!

I think dinohazard definitely has a lot of potential. Love the raptor, graphics style, and concept. The main issue that I have is the tank controls. They just don't work well at all when you combine a keyboard and chase sequences. All in all though, this game has a ton of potential, dinosaur horror games have been few and far between as of late, and the concept is great! Can't wait to see what else you end up doing with it!

I had actually never heard of skin walkers before playing your game. This was a great introduction to them to say the least! Loved the narrative based style and the game looks amazing from a graphical perspective. Highly recommend you guys playing this one! I'll leave a link to my playthrough of it as well, if you want to check it out.