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Just wondering; I have yet to receive one, I have checked all spam folders and confirmed that my email listed with is correct.

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Hi, loving the game so far. I was wondering if the combat might benefit from a few more moves, nothing that necessarily makes the player character significantly more powerful, just some things to give the player more options. The only real defensive options are sprinting and/or jumping out of the way of attacks, which feels a bit awkward, and it makes longer fights like with elites look and feel a bit silly. So maybe some way to block/reverse attacks? I was thinking maybe the throw could be used to redirect vampire's momentum, that it isn't always just a forward shove. An example of something like this can be seen at about the 14 second mark of this video:

I do like how the shove currently functions; watching Buffy there are countless moments where she stuns a vampire with a kick or punch and then immediately stakes them, and the shove works in that way, but it would probably be more satisfying, gamefeel wise, if the 'stun' action was in fact a punch (or a high kick; Buffy is nothing without high kicks) with a punchy sound effect. It would be nice to have some sort of grapple, shove, block, etc as a defensive move. That said, the elite vampires should also have some more tricks up their sleeves, close combat wise; as a poster above said, they're not great at at it, and melee fights that last more than a second or so tend to devolve into running circles around an enemy while spamming click and occasionally jumping out of the way of a fireball. I'd love to see the close combat become a bit more tactical.

All of the movement in Slayer Shock is so kinetic and satisfying and, if the combat could be as well that would be fantastic.

Also, does the AI have a mode in between not alert and hostile? They seem to not react to noise particularly often, and many times I'll kill one from range and another vampire quite nearby won't react at all.

Great work on the game, keep it up! I'm having a lot of fun so far, and it has the best feeling sprinting of any first-person game I've ever played; you really nailed the feel there.