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this game is  great lol i love it what would make it even better would be an rx7 fd :>

could you please add a downloadable version of this game

is  this game still being developed 

so i played this game with my controller and it's super fun

but megafanzach if you download the game won't all the data be there in the files ?

noooooooooooooooooo... rip

what could i mean I WANT A CHEESE MAP

oh nice your game is super fun xd

megafanzach would you consider porting meme fighter to android on the playstore maybe?

bruh thanks

i'll play it but horror games creep me out i'll see how far i can get without getting scared lol

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the maps in the new update are great i hope you'll be making that cheese map lol

oooooh time to play  i'm grimjow on the server by the way

this game is awsome but could you add like a option to save the game

looks nice

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could you add cj from gta san andreas lol that would be awsome and don't forget big smoke

oh that's great then xd

will it work on a amd r4 grahics and 6g of ram


can you add a download for this i don't like playing in a browser

um could you add a option to have bots in team deathmatch?

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okay i tried you're game and bruh it's actually awsome i'm running it on a old laptop and it works perfectly lol love what you did with the tekken music keep up the goodwork my other post was me saying if the game still gets updates but i  deleted  it cause this game has a ton of content

um are you still updating this game?

um will you be updating the game any time soon?