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A member registered Dec 26, 2016

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It's too bright but not bad. Still need more melee characters though especially a tanky one

Weakes character ever

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My recommendation is that the skill should resemble like leaves and the ultimate should be mud. That would be awesome. Kinda looks like this: http://prntscr.com/fo6b56

Can you vary Champ's regeneration speed? Just like their individual atk and movement speed. You should've make a hero that's tanky because of high regen but poor in attack and movement speed. Thanks 

http://prntscr.com/fnzyxv A cute Lea'feat <3

You should fix the coins when it's stacked together, the value should be "stackable". Also gold deduction whenever you die or something.

OMG KingDanius you're the man! <3

I prefer browser more

Please bring back the game here.

I can't play the game though.

Trap silences champs? Would that be a cool buff?

Arel is pretty badass with his skillset. He's like a less hassle Foxy.

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I really love the new changes.
The HP Regeneration is the best and Foxy is a balanced champ.
Because of the prices of stats, you should probably have a gold rune or neutral monsters. LMAO just kidding.
I really love how you buffed Bunninja like a lot.His combos are sick and still is a balanced champ.
Oml, Huntersman's third skill is fucking sick. Raven's gonna get asskicked.
Too bad I can't purchase the Full Version because I don't have credit card and stuff. :(
Anyway, great game. I'm looking forward for the next patch. ;)

btw Fi'reat's wings are pretty badass.

It's too weak probably because of it's short duration. You should make it kinda bit longer I guess.

Idk why but Bunninja's ultimate is kinda broken.

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Leveling and itemization should be really good. ^^

also it freezes when I already destroy the creep spawner.

Dude, you should add description on the skills/spells and add more heroes (I hope you will add a Panda named "Boo" XD)