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This game should also work in the Playdate Simulator VIA free SDK, but real hardware is the best way to go.

I keep returning to this game. Its stellar. I consider it one of the best for the platform.

This is a fun game, I mean really fun. Normally, I wouldn't play a pong game, but adding modifiers per score is wonderful.

The artwork looks nice, but I'm not a fan of the screen orientation. The button layout with the playdate feels uncomfortable.

My Playdate is ready

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The artwork looks great, but I feel that the game would be more fun if you could use the crank to move up and down.

Update: Its fun. I like the artwork, sound, and gameplay. It just needs optional crank controls to be more fun.

Was unable to sideload this game

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I found a possible typo: "Rewarded for your foucs" Did you mean focus?
Other than that, the presentation on your game looks great.

You don't have to repurchase it. Login, go to library, select game, and download.

I like the use of the crank to play, but the only thing I see missing is music or sound effects. It would make this much nicer.

I have not played the whole game yet.

The game runs well on my Gameboy Pocket using a flash cart. I like the graphics.

I won.