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Hi just finished your game, I really like it!! Reminds me of  a mix between celeste and  jump king. I played through it twice, first run took and 1H20m, second run to see what i missed took 44m. I only got 2 memories, the bull and the miner, brought the scroll to unlock the basement but, but didn't get any memory through that. Did i miss any?  

Anyway ,here's my feedback: pressing up to talk to npc's rather then them automatically, and being able to control the speed of their dialog and skip to the next dialog box rather than have to wait for them to finish. Oh i did notice a few grammar mistake,  "I have" instead of " I has" and  "their souls" instead of "their soul".

Otherwise a solid game with simple but good mechanics(no problems there). Can't wait to see the final game!!