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is there a chance you could add an epub version of the file that's a little more plain text? unfortunately i can't read it on my e-reader as it doesn't know how to handle all the absolute positioning of the text :/

also i'm still in the middle of reading it and i'll give my thoughts on it later :)

Thanks for the songs! They're very nice :3

I used one of the songs as background music in a game jam game and the players liked it too!

I love your font! It looks super cool :3

I really like your font! It's cute :3

did you record the sounds yourself? also what's the license for them? could i use them commercially in a game?

Aww, I'm sorry that no one rated your game before. Unfortunately, people seem to mostly rate the games that already have lots of ratings and you need a bit of luck to get in early :(

But your game really is fun! I hope you'll continue making games :)

I love the art and especially the visual effects in the intro! 

Also the easter egg after you crash into the moon was very funny :D

(I didn't do it on purpose I swear qwq)

P.S. A retry button would be nice though :p

That was a really cool concept! The way you have to complete three platforming levels in parallel is something I have never come across! It's such a fun idea!

I enjoyed the game :D

I didn't really get how the blue bar in bottom right works though? Only that every time it got empty, which was usually well before the 10 second mark, I'd switch dimensions. I lost my progress quite a few times in the beginning qwq

If you end up working more on this game, you might want to rework your tutorial. It took a lot of trial and error for me to find out how things work

I added the Windows version for anyone who wants to play locally. I somehow forgot to do it sooner haha

Oh, I just retried it and I didn't know you could click the spiders to kill them. I tried clicking them in the beginning, but after one click there was no feedback and so I didn't try clicking on them any more. I think if you add some feedback that you are doing something, maybe let the player control the rotation of the moon a bit (I was constantly losing health faster than I could buy it because the spiders were on the other side of the moon) and balanced the mechanics a bit more, this could be a really fun little game :)

I think the idea of aliens trying to crash the moon into Earth is a fun concept!

You could have explained a little better how the game mechanics work. It took me a few turns until I found out that you can destroy the aliens' moon attractors. After that the game became very easy.

You could have maybe included some platforming gameplay to make it a little more interesting.

I got it to run, but then it just displayed the title screen and no matter what button or key I pressed, nothing happened :(

Thank you! I can’t take credit for the music, it’s by alkakrab (I linked the pack on the game’s page), but I’m happy you like my pixel art :D

I’m glad you liked it! I actually would have liked to make some more planets and moons so there’s more variety but I already had to pull all-nighters to get to this point 😅

Thanks :)

This is a really cool concept! Using your frozen bodies as platforms to jump off of is a nice game play mechanic! I'll be playing your game some more later :)

Mochi Clicker! The art is very cute :D

Thanks, I'm happy you liked it! And yeah, it is very much intended to be played with a mouse :p I didn't even test it with a touchpad :(

I keep forgetting the 10 second limitation with each new game I try ^^ I guess here you lose automatically after 10 seconds, right? I kept thinking that I lose because they munch too much moon while I spend my sweet time traveling to the sun to get a power up :(

I absolutely love the voice overs! That's a cool touch! :D (Would be nice to skip the intro though when you replay it.)

Anyway, moon munching mice are an endangered species (they die when they finish eating their moon) and I think we should protect them instead of shooting them :p

Super cool prototype! It's very atmospheric. I loved the sound design! I hope you'll continue working on this :D

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The movement controls feel very nice!

Unfortunately I lack the hand-eye-coordination to progress for in the game. I managed to destroy the first enemy and then basically immediately died when two new ones spawned :(

Maybe the shield could be active for a bit longer? It was useless to me because I couldn't move my ship and react to incoming laser beams fast enough to use it in time.

I love the art style! The bright neon colors and simple geometric shapes.

The colors can be a bit disorienting at times (or maybe I'm just bad at the game haha), but it is fun overall! Good job!

lake, my beloved!

Neat little shooter!

The oxygen limitation didn't really pose a problem with how many UFOs I had to shoot. Maybe you could have made it so that the player has to run back to the rocket every ten seconds to refill their oxygen tanks.

Uhh, you only uploaded a png image of the godot mascot

Nice little platformer! It's impressive that you managed to design ten different levels :) And the music is very cool!

Small nitpick: the yellow dot is very hard to see when it's in front of the sun. That ticked me up a bit in the early levels.

Fun little game! My highscore was 30 :)

I really like your game! My highscore was 30.

The art style made me a bit nostalgic for those simple LCD screen games that used to be in happy meals sometimes :D

I didn't read how you used the limitation beforehand, so for a while I thought you had to "make less noise" by spacing inputs a little more ^^

Nice first game jam game!

Is there a way to get past the final boss slime? I was shooting it all the time, but it didn't seem like it took any damage and the kill counter was already at zero.

I like the concept of a moon tower defense game where you orbit the moon!

I just never managed to get enough gold to buy an ultimate demolition.
I don't know if there's another way to get gold than to click the cubes? If I buy health or strength upgrades, my health drops to zero almost as fast as if I buy nothing. And when I buy nothing I still don't get 50 gold before the spiders kill me :(

Thank you! Yeah, I would have liked to make some more planets and moons, but I didn't have enough time in the end.

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Thanks! I'm more of technical person, but I've been getting into art recently and I wanted to design my game from an artist's perspective :)

I'm glad you like it!