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Your game is really awesome top-level on all fronts!

Very fun !

Ah I thought the difficulty was growing much higher over time. Thank you for your feedback! Yeah I had a really limited time on my hands, lots of things could have been improved.

Thank you for your feedback! Indeed if I had time I would have implemented projectiles to help understanding that. Even more visual feedback is always better, but might be out of scope of a game jam ;)

Yeah it's too easy at the start and too hard at some point, the difficulty is linear and without any waves rythm. I would have loved to add that if I had the time :)

Happy that you liked it!

Yeah I agree about the menu I was really out of time!

Yeah definitely thank you for your feedback!

I would have liked to have a wave system rather than the linear progression. I had boss waves, colored waves, long and steady ones vs shorter burst, etc But of course I had not enough time

I would have liked to do it in bevy UI but I had not enough time left!