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I had it in a bundle too but never got around to downloading it.  Looks like the original is available here if you want to pay for it again.  :-)  

I'm a bit confused.

I bought this months ago and finally have a chance to check it out!  When I try to download, I'm directed to the download page for my account, but I get a "nothing to download" error.

What I see is (1) the Download section with only v4-5, and (2) the Development log with a partial list of previous versions.  The Devlog also has a "View all posts" entry that takes me to a page with ALL prior versions.  All this is exactly the same whether I am logged into my account or not.

The one difference when I am logged into my account is that I have the grey bar at the top that says "you own this game".  That bar has a download button that allows me to download without being asked for $$, and I can see only the 4-5 versions there, as you would expect.

When I look at other games I own via itch, I notice that some of them display a Devlog list and some of them don't, so I assume it's a configuration thing.  The items in the Devlog are always available for sale as separate purchases, and never show up as files that can be downloaded because you already own them.  (They are sometimes older versions but more often seem to be related content.)

I am not looking for a particular version.  I was just going to look through the old versions to see if you had taken out anything that I actually wanted to use, or whether I could safely ignore them.  It's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.  This is great stuff and I appreciate your efforts! looks like all the earlier versions are available to purchase, but only the most recent update is available without paying a second time.  Is that an itch thing, or maybe I'm missing something?