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Really cool little game! I must admit that at first, I didn't quite understand the concept of time loop but once I got the hang of it it was fun.
Oh and the art style is lovely!

That's a really promising title. The worldbuilding seems interesting!
Great job on it, I'm really excited to see more of it! (and of Zan my precious baby)

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It scared me more that I'd like to admit. The atmosphere was great, getting darker each time. Great job!

It was so cute and relaxing. The voices of the soldiers throwing cannonballs were absolutely adorable!

That was adorable. I felt like an overexcited little kid who doesn't have the patience to explain what is going on in his head.
Oh and I want to adopt Zorgzuza.

That's a cool concept that could lead to many themes and messages. The art style is really pretty, especially the color palette who gives a pleasant atmosphere. Amazing job!

That poor fishy. It surprised and made me laugh.
Sad story but a happy ending...I think? Great Job overall.

Who knew that a game where you have to talk about your feelings could be this charming? Great Job on it.

This was a wholesome game. The graphics are beautiful and the story is simple but really touching. Excellent job on it!

Great job on it. The art style is really pretty!