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i love this cursed artifact and would love to see more in this world/engine. really enjoyed being able to download the major arcana and take a closer look at them ::)

Thank you! If you want to read all the card descriptions without relying on luck of the draw, you can download the free PDF and nose through that!

Wow, thank you very much! I'm just out here manifesting the Goblin Energy™ we all Need and Deserve in 2019.

Thank you  for the kind words!

Gosh, thank you so much!


Thank you very much!

I really enjoyed this comic. Your interpretations of the gods in both look and personality have so much unique flavor. You don't stop at the expected characterizations, bringing them to life through some really stunning and economic use of character development through dialogue and character body language. The minimalist approach to the colors allows your expressive use of shape and mastery of facial expressions to shine. Perhaps it's selfish, but I would be delighted to see more of these characters from you in the future!

Thanks so much for taking the time to play through it a few times! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I fixed and re-uploaded both versions just in case.

Hi! Sorry for the trouble! Are you running on Windows or Mac?

It took me a few days to find all the effects but I'm really happy with my experience of the game. The fox mask was particularly tricky because I kept getting oranges instead of plums but it was also the most rewarding to go back through old areas and hear what their inhabitants had to say. I  loved the art style and all of the different areas. The main character's different designs were very engaging and full of personality. You obviously put a lot of thought into creating specific moods throughout the game and it shows.

I encountered one glitch near the end, when equipping different effects pressing C would still activate the Umbrella's rain.

Really enjoy the atmosphere here. The art style really works well and even though the puzzles were a little frustrating at times when i made one slip-up near the end, I felt rewarded afterwards. The soundtrack backs it up super well and I definitely plan on downloading it. I'm really looking forward to the future installments you mentioned in the dev log!