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Go into the bundle directly and click download on the game.

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From a story perspective it delivered everything with a bit much in terms of naive optimism and predictability, which I felt dampened the experience significantly for me. Not to mention the side content isn't particularly enticing, as the game's pacing combined with a lack of any skip mechanics make it a slog to replay after the first time. 

Other than that though, this game has a ton of heart put into it, and I greatly admire the attention-to-detail put in every corner here. I enjoy it not as a particularly inspiring or compelling story, but as an example of truly impressive storytelling and worldbuilding.

Strong 6/10
EDIT: I forgot to mention, the characters represent their different stereotypes very effectively, which makes Alex's interactions with them all the more compelling. Just thought I'd bring it up. Plot itself isn't very interesting in my opinion and the game still has a pacing problem when replaying, but I do still like most of the characters.