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grey fox

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precision platformer without controller support!

Cool art, simple and fits in but with some added juice that pushes it beyond.

Gameplay is good and an impressive amount of levels created for a jam but hiding things off screen at the point of a jump introduces a bit of trail and error into the mix which isn't ideal for precision platformers.

Only thing I'd add is a couple of simple enemies to introduce a bit of spice into the mazes. The air and ground speed/control feel spot on for your game

solid aesthetic and I liked the colour pallet.

jump mechanics have potential but at the moment it's a little hard to control

Your page says you're Japanese and can't understand so I guess this crit's for the birds but:

Loved the art/juice/audio, all really high quality.

The core mechanic is really good and has a lot potential. I'm not sure if I got to the end or it hung but it was probably a blessing in disguise as the one on one levels had already gotten a bit stale, I'm guess it was due to time constraints but your mechanics could make a really good puzzle game in the vain of nova-111

Hahahahahahahaha ha.

Whist not the best game on here in a traditional sense I did share this game with more people than any other game in the jam.

a solid, relatively fiathful, aesthetic. Pretty fun gameplay and the walljumping strikes a really nice balance of feeling good but also doesn't break the gameboy feel.

Also really impressive ammount of levels designed for a jam

the arm doesn't have in between pixel movement (here's the arm at 10x slowed down Not as certain about the text though I'm pretty sure everything's snapped to a grid so it should be all 64x64 :/