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Grevius Studio

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Really nice work! Are you available for commissioned work as well? How can I contact you?

i'm really happy you enjoy the game :D

next update will be a sort of demo with some cinematics and a little inicpit for a story. Stay tuned if you are intrested ;D

La grafica è molto carina e il concept è simpatico. Migliorerei i controlli del lancio della freccia, troppo difficile da usare secondo me. P.S a cosa servono i diamanti?

Si, puoi continuare, clicchi sulla tua posizione e salti il turno di movimento, passando a quello di attacco. Non so se pubblicherò il codice su github, è stato fatto un pò in fretta e non mi piace, magari prima lo sistemo eventualmente.

Hi, i'm using the Italian language, and in the task, when i set a schedule with date, it will be great if i can set the starting weekday as Monday in the calendar popup, this is my country standard.

Perfect! The error in terminal persist but now i can save data.

Hi, I found a little bug in, the installation fail if you try to install from a directory that have space in name. This is caused by $PWD that is not escaped for path with space/s.

I hope it can help.

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Hi, i want to try your software but actually I can't. The software start but i have error on any operation on Database, like ir doesn't exist ("Can not read property 'colums' of undefined." for example)

I have noticed that in terminal when i start the software i have this as first line:

[30572:30572:0601/] Failed to parse extension manifest.

So the result is that i can open your software and "use it" but in reality when i close and reopen, nothisng is saved and i lost all my work. Hope you can find a fix for this.

P.S if i try to tun it as root i get this errors:

[31222:31250:0601/] Failed to connect to the bus: Could not parse server address: Unknown address type (examples of valid types are "tcp" and on UNIX "unix")
[31222:31222:0601/] Failed to parse extension manifest.
[31222:31222:0601/] Gtk: gtk_widget_add_accelerator: assertion 'GTK_IS_ACCEL_GROUP (accel_group)' failed