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Oh Woah, didn't expect anyone to post a vid on it on YouTube. Thanks :D

Semi roof you could say. But hey, at least you got a foundation, flooring, doors and windows. I decided to use one of the flowers to set the foundation of the roof xD

You're welcome :D

Cute little short game :D

Love the chonky bear xD

Heyooo. Oh, damn stranger things :o

And yeah, realised now the void part was confusing XD

Heyooo, I zipped using 7zip. So you have to unzip by using Winrar or 7zip

Apparently, Windows built-in zip tool doesn't let you unzip properly.

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Ayyy, thanks for playing our game :D

Also LOL, the ending. "Mr bubble left me" xDDD

Ayyyy, thanks :D
I just played your game also. I had an idea in mind with two people playing on the same device (like couch party)

Ooooo this was actually good. I had this idea for the game but I wasn't confident as I am not aware of how ropes work properly in Unity XD

As for the art style, it's cute you could say.
Love the representation of the theme and this is a couch party game that is better to play with 2 people but managed to make it work by playing it alone.

I love the rope mechanic with the bear. Still not sure how that can work xD
There were a lot of levels so that is good, have a lot of variety of levels

Ayyyy, thank you :D

Mmmmm, bread

Better luck next time :P

Congrats on finishing it :D