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Gregory Swan

A member registered Apr 24, 2019

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the game was a nice mind-boggler, but i task manager'd out of it as soon as it got scary :P
10/10 would get spooked again

This is so dumb and i love it.

Crushingly sad, yet strangely heartwarming. Amazing, 10/10.

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Doesn't work on 1280x1024 :(
Common problem with Unity games.

Incredibly awesome. 

This game is amazing. It didn't just copy Superhot, it modified this concept into a competly new experience. I would describe it as a "beautiful bullet ballet". 10/10. The replay can be a bit buggy, but nothing scary.

have you heard about "carrion"? it's just that, but more gore and coming out quite soon



so friggin' funny

This demo was very interesting! I really like all the characters. This project has a lot of potential, i'll make sure to follow it.

Well... that was a but underwhelming. Completed first try. Still a decent game.

Okay, i think i'm addicted to this game. Just did a speedrun in about 2 minutes. Can't upload on YT because i'm too lazy.

I need moar levels :P


Apparently, you can use W for jumping.

This was very fun! Got all the golden pears too!

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I got brain cancer just from looking at the screenshots.
10/10 would degrade again

p.s. why downvote lmao

i didn't say the game is bad

well it is a shitpost, but a good shitpost

This game is amazing. It manages to create an atmosphere of pure pressure and paranoia. It has potential, and i can't wait for updates.
At this point, the game can give you - at max - half a hour of gameplay, after which it gets repetitive. The maps are randomly generated, but they still look the same.
Maybe the game can have multiplayer.


Fuck me, i didn't think it was a horror game. Closed the game on the first jumpscare. Still good.

Awesome. This has great potential, i would like to see a version of this with more levels and Chort abilities.
Очень круто. У этой игры есть большой потенциал, хотелось бы увидеть больше уровней и способностей Черта.

Put those suggestions on the Discord channel, they will be more likely to be seen.

I played the game, and it's awesome!
Also i didn't quite understand the ending.

Very awesome, but lacks content. Still cool!

A nice little game, even a bit sad.

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The game doesn't work. Same shit that commenters below have.

Going windowed does nothing 

Please fix this.

Umm... I think you should add a description and screenshots. I don't want to play a cat in a bag.

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So... Let's start with that i'm a game pirate. Not because i'm greedy, but because i don't have much money (ask my 10 year old PC lol). You can judge me, but i don't really care. Anyways, this game is awesome. This game series is awesome. Everything is awesome. Artstyle? Awesome. H-scenes? Awesome. Characters? Awesome. Too much awesome. When i played Chapter 1, i was thinking "oh, another H-game, nothing special...". But then i was shocked. All of the characters are unique. They aren't just sex dolls, they have different personalities. So much work for a H-game. My stereotypes about H-games were shattered to pieces. 11/10. Eleven out of freakin' ten. This game series have so much potential. Frostworks, i wish you all good luck!

- Sincerely, Gregory the poor pirate.

P.S. I just realised that you also made "Room". That's why the artstyle looked familiar...

Great game! I would like a cheat that can change the character's lust level, and a cheat that initiates battles with specific enemies.

Will there be a third chapter?

There is information on every thing in the game. Just press the "?" icon. I didn't play the game in a looong time, so i can't explain you everything.