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pretty ugly. but we play FPS games to look around for 5 seconds and stop, y'know?

Hi all - the game is now playable on the itch page. Please leave me some feedback over there if you have a moment! Goodluck with the voting stage, hope to see you all next year for another jam!

Thank you very much! I've had time to fix and improve a lot of things, it's going to be much smoother once I can upload the new build! Looking forward to seeing what people think :)

I am working on improving the game and will be uploading a new build to the page once the jam has ended :) I appreciate it though!

It is :( it put a damper on my mood this weekend. Appreciate the screenshot feedback!

Thank you for trying! Sorry about the mistake - I will have a working build posted on the page when the jam is over!

Sorry all, this was a weird mistake to make with uploading the wrong build - especially since I'm not new to build sharing. My apologies - I will upload the proper build when the jam is over or whenever I can. Thanks.

Thanks for playing! Sorry you had a rough playthrough. We're fixing lots of mechanics for a sort of sequel as well as to update this game once the jam is over. Getting feedback such as yours is helping to strengthen our future work, so it is very much appreciated :)

Sweet! We’ve got totally different approaches to this concept and I’m interested to hear your take.

This was very interesting! Nice puzzles and a creative SCP-esque scenario. Really enjoyed this :D

Thanks for playing! We watched your gameplay and your notes are definitely in mind. We’re working on developing this idea further without a deadline and will iron out the bumps present in this version.

Thank you so much for playing! We enjoyed your gameplay :)

We did, and we’re very happy about it! Unfortunately some last minute updating messed her AI up. It will be fixed later today. She was much more aggressive beforehand.

Thanks for playing and uploading a video! Was the ghost not chasing you very well?