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Hey! Great video mate! Thank you very much for playing :)

Haha, great video guys! Really glad you enjoyed it :)

Awesome video man! Thank you so much for checking it out :)

Great video guys! Thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it :) 

Haha, great video mate! I was cracking up the whole way through! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :) 

Hello! Thank you very much for checking out 1915! The GDWC contest looks cool, I'll investigate it soon :)

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Great video! Thank you for playing it! We hope you enjoyed it :)

Hey! Thank you very much for playing it! I believe that games can be one of the best mediums in portraying war from a more sombre and unconventional perspective, and 1915 is an attempt at just that! Glad you enjoyed it :)