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All right Ramza, I know what I need to do now ;) Thanks !

Hello Ramza !

I used your plugin, that I download long time ago (V1.05). But I have an issue with and was wondering if buying the update version would help me.

I have 2 characters with the habiliy "Dual Wielding" let's say A with a sword and a knife. and B with 2 Claws.

During the first tour, everythings is normal A and B use their weapons.

Then after a few turn (and some time even between 2 différents fight) the weapon seems to be exchange or thing like that.

Like The A has a Claw and a Sword and B has 2 knife (I'm just talking about the image when using skill, not the equipement). I don't have this problem if only one of my character use Dual Wielding.

Have you seen that already and does the new version fix it ?
Thanks a lot anyway !

Oups ! I post on my previous answer.

That's so cool you add the Icon scale option !

For the first update: does the 1 projectile for multiple target still working ?

I use Grenade in my project on a "Enemy Row"  and It was great that 1 grenade actually hit the row rather that 1 grenade for each enemies in that Row.

Both option could be usefull, but I think the projectile command will be very looooooong !

Ouh ! I've forgot one !

The possibility to use a weapon as a projectile with two option :

The weapon the character is using (with a choice between the 3 frame)

Or the weapon of your choice (with the same choice between the 3 frames)

Have a nice Making !


Hello Irana !

Same as Isabella Ava : I wasn't sure where to post it so I came here.

1st, your Action Sequence plugin is amazing ! That was the big missing feature in the YEP Action Sequence (and in RMMV in general). Finally my bows and boomerangs can be stylish !

I don't know if you plan to update it but here is a few new features that could be really awesome to add. I don't know how to write a plugin so, some of them could be impossible to realize... They are just suggestion from a fan ;)

- Camera focus on projectile : I think it could be a nice feature. For cartoon game for exemple when you can see slowly the projectile to arrive on your character face. Or maybe some other cool stuff.

- Icon scale : Icon are 32x32. It may be interesting to be able to change its scale for bigger projectile.

- Projectile beam : Maybe it's already possible but I don't know how.  But maybe, by placing the  Animation projectile at the exact distance between the start and the goal, and using the arrow feature... Well I don't really know... But that would be awesome.

-  Start and Goal Coordinate : Well it may be explicite but for skill coming from the sky like "meteor", or somethong else. I know it may be possible with a Goal offset but It's not exactly the same/

However your plugin is already amazing ! Thanks a lot !