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Hola María. Perdona por la tardanza, se me olvidó, hoy vi que subiste nuevo asset y recordé probarlo. Muy guay y tu arte se ve genial en el juego. Soy programador de Unity, si alguna vez quieres hacer una demo por diversión, aquí estoy :)

Hola María, había visto tus assets de pixel art y me gustaron, entonces quise probar tu juego, pero me sale que no podía descargarlo. Solo avisarte por si no viste esto.

PixelOver community » Discussion · Created a new topic Index color

Hi I´m trying the app, seems cool :) but I can´t change the color with the index color option. For example i have a pixel image with green color, I import the palette, but i can´t change this green color with a different color like red. it seems that i only can change it with near color like a soft green but not with differents like red or purple... What do I bad? Thank you

Oh :( its a pity, thank you for response Octocoder. I hope the autor return to work in it or someone do a simmilar tool :/

Hi Fletcher, i´m interested about this tool but i don´t know if the tool is abandoned. Could you solve your problems and use it with unity 2019?. I have other plugins that have to be used in unity 2019 so I would like to know :)