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Greg, The Garlic Farmer

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Nice! My user: lilythedragpanzilla

Hope you drop dead

Piece of shit, hope you die very slowly 

Because Hotpink work (as well as the quality work of many creators around here) should be recognized. Or do you expect him to do everything for free, wasting hours and hours on the game making?

Very good! Can't wait to see the other weapons and sex scenes ^^

This game is soooo good! I loved it!

I really liked it! Amazing quality!

Great game! And has a nice difficult level, great job!

So far i found it a pretty nice idea ^^ And It's great to be "played" with friends lol A windows version would be nice too, with something like the option to put an URL from a video or image based on the option sugested for the game to jerk off ^^ 

I loved it! Nice demake ^^

Pretty cool! And the tip about the xbox controller is really serious lol It's a bit harsh to play with keyboard

Metroidvania is a gender that will never die... And you made a great job on this one! I loved that it has even the Portuguese language option :3 Keep the good work ^^ 

I just reported this piece of trash.

It says "Nothing is available for download yet." :(

Testing today :3 The tentacles got my attention lol

Oh my! Can't wait until the game is released! I've played your Steamy Sextet and even did some gameplay vids on p*hub lol, but those were wiped from my account since the last update of content upload there. 

Lovely sharing! Thank you so much ^^ 


Oh, nice to hear about the new updates coming soon ^^ And about the user uploading, i really forgot about the need of a server and how it would be expensive lol Thanks for the good work and hope you get the visibility you deserve ^^

Good app! It's great for late night's "manual jobs" lol

But as said before, a button to download images and maybe videos would be nice, and a favorite too. A panic button is a good idea too lol

And my suggestion: If possible, would be great to be able to us users upoload content too (just an idea, don't know if it's a possible thing with this app)

Just loved it! The lewd scenes are great :3

Muito bom! Animação e dublagem ótimos :3

Wow, i just loved the game! Nice to play with only one hand :3 Great animation, the expressions and moanings where great ^^ 

Very fun! The difficult is nice too, great game ^^

Nice! Amazing Hexen/Heretic vibe with fluid gameplay ^^

Just great! Amazing job!

First i was "WOW, that's must be amazing!" but then... Mac only? Who the hell plays with this crap?

Great game! The atmosphere, the art, the gameplay, music... You're an artist!

I loved this one ^^ High quality on everything, an cute ^^

Oh my this is great ^^ Even for a digital hoarder like me lol

Oh my, you guys are the same creators of Tentacle Locker, the one i love xD This one is kinda nice too, an alternative to Super Deepthroat on browser ^^

It feels just good, cozy and warming like the another one you made, the one with islands and stuff. Pretty good!

A nice an relaxing game, really liked it ^^

Wow, just loved the demo! The voice acting on the moanings and the scenes are amazing :3

Nice game! With some puzzles, and fun ^^

It's been a while since i played any RPG Maker style horror game, can't wait for try it later ^^

Nice game! Gameplay is kinda fluid, and has nice mechanics ^^ Following to see the final result ^^

Very good indeed! Got the Resident Evil/ Dino Crisis vibe, to me it feels like a respectful and well made homage to the great Dino Crisis series ^^

Oh my! You guys even made the cartridge version for NES! This is so great :3