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Yay ;D

It can't launch because UnityPleyer.dll was not found

I love it.

Absolutely STUNNING! I love the way how I can count the pixels, and the low colour count. I love abstract art, so this was comepletely worth my money.

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I have an opinion~

-10,000,000 SOCIAL CREDIT


Jokes aside, I'd like to see an extension to the game, two questions isn't enough.

I've gotten bored of FPS games and this is the first platformer game in the "recent games" section, can't wait!

Way too short for this game to be 242 mb. The ground detection is HORRIBLE, I kept on moving to the edge of the ground, and jumping, but then the hit detection breaks and I fall down! And it literally takes like 10 seconds to beat. Also, the Options menu doesn't work.

...Why did I even upload this game?


You don't even HAVE to shoot to fly infinitely, just press jump as much as you like!

dakota and I are totally not collabing to make a remake of this

I actually don't like this game.

Great game, but REAL laggy.

Also, I actually really want to do a collab with you.
My Discord is: GreenyOfficial#6068
If you wanna see what I can do, just look at my profile
(my games are slightly bad tho)

it's just a game ok

You can't perfectly decompile Unity my friend, you just have to make a new game.


Actually pretty fun! Could use some extending considering the game is 200+ MB though

It's so serious it's comedic, 11/10 would play again.

App won't start up. Is there anything I need to install?

is this real imposter from amogus?!?!?


You still haven't made an .exe version

It's been 5 months and I still like this game, are you ever gonna update it again?

Imagine if this post gets revived.

What the hell? I've never seen a good post like this in a long time! Nice idea!

Post your suggestions here!